What exactly does an SEO. When you work with an SEO expert. They perform some or all of the following actions. These actions take place throughout your SEO campaign. This way you will understand how SEO companies work so that you can not only ask the right questions about SEO costs, but also be able to judge their answers. Market Research The first stage includes a detailed market research for the following: Your company Your industry Your competitors In this way very specific strategies and tactics are defined which should be effective when implemented.

Strategy development and implementation

Thorough research of your competitors Link Building Profile: Analysis of how external links are connected BackLinks. Analysis and recording of all Indonesia WhatsApp Number List types of external links Keyword Targeting: Recording all keywords that competitors are targeting Content. Content Behavior Analysis for High .Rankings In this stage we create and develop the actions that should implementedon your website in order to have high rankings in the organic search results. The strategy requires a special approach to deal with the company’s main online competitors as effectively as possible.

How much the SEO service costs has to do

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With and should correspond to the experience, knowledge and efficiency of the SEO expert. Research for related keywords. Keyword research is at the heart of an Belgium Phone Number SEO expert’s actions. As it will help you better understan your customers and how they behave when they search for you online. For businesses with a small number of pages on their website. keyword research and content optimization is usually do at the start of a campaign. On larger websites. such as e-shops. keyword research never stops and leads to monthly optimization. That help as many pages of the site as possible to achieve high rankings. In search engines and consequently continuously increase traffic

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