Paid links if you give them a little care and preparation. You have control over them, just like with PBN links. The big difference between PBN links and the ones you “buy” is usually the fact that the paid links are offered to you “dry”, meaning without any content. Usually in a sidebar or footer. If you go this route, then use relevant websites whenever possible. If you are struggling to find relevant websites, then use a website with huge metrics to compensate for the lack of relevancy or relevancy. 301 Redirects One of the fastest ways to skyrocket the authority of a new website is through 301 Redirects. Attention, it is good not to use more than two 301 Redirects on a site.

Try to find a domain that is somewhat relevant to your niche

Of course you don’t want to redirect a pot site if your site is about SEO. The easiest way to judge the relevance of an expired domain is a) to see his profile Peru WhatsApp Number List anchor text b) to see its links, and c) put it in the Wayback Machine to see its history and whether it’s spam If you find a related domain that has expired, but its links and anchor text profile doesn’t look too good to you, then you can build some non-optimized links to it before or after the redirect. Either way the links and anchor profiles will still flow to the new site. Guest Posts Yes, Guest posts still work. Think of it this way: if guest posts don’t work, then why do private blog networks still work? They are exactly the same thing, only one is more artificial than the other.

The biggest flaw of guest posts is the fact

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That you will rarely find them on the home page, where the prestige is. On a popular website, your guest post will be published and placed on an internal page with Turkey Phone Number zero authority. In fact, a newly published guest post is not much more powerful than a recently published Web 2.0 article. Web 2.0s The easiest way to send lots of relevancy and authority to your site without having to spend hours networking. In fact, it’s almost impossible to get a link with more relevance than a web 2.0 one because you have complete control over your free blog topic. As with Guest Posts, a recently published article on a web 2.0 site will have low Authority, so it will be necessary to build strong secondary links as well.

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