Here you should emphasize¬† Business Guides A real business will submit their site to these directories. If you act like a real business, then Google will treat you that way. Most of these directories allow a bare link or branded anchor text. Traditional Catalogs Focus your attention and efforts on manually approved directories, niche-specific directories, and directories that have at least 20 DA. Don’t dare to use a keyword-rich anchor text in directories because it doesn’t add value Press Releases. You can usually put about three links in a press release, which means you are actually building 210 supporting links.

Also for better protection set your anchors no-follow

NoFollow Comments on blogs In every niche I enter, I find some strong related blogs usually of my competitors and comment on them to A) diversify my Philippines WhatsApp Number List link profile with some NoFollow, b) send some less optimized anchors to my site, and c) forward relevancy to my site, showing Google that I am actively involved in the community. Social Profiles Create profiles on Twitter, Facebook and Google + and connect them with links to your site. These links may be NoFollow, but it is natural to have these properties secured for your website.

 Power Links will have the biggest impact

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These are the strongest links you can get, so you should use anchor text rich in keywords. PBN Links Yes, Private Blog Networks (PBN) links are the best right now UAE Phone Number because they are powerful and give you full control. Some SEOs use PBN links exclusively to rank and there is no doubt that this strategy works. BUT, I still think you need a few supporting links for a) differentiation, b) make your PBN links look more natural, make them “fit in with the crowd” i.e. and c) make your link profile look more natural to Google.

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