Pop Up stores or EventsĀ  Room hire by the hour or by the day With this in mind, a brand like Regus (renamed International Workplace Group in 2016), founded by the now billionaire Marc Dixon, made its fortune on the concept of more or less ephemeral office rentals. Creating more or less permanent professional meeting spaces, with flexibility ranging from hourly rentals to annual or multi-year rentals. Smaller companies then entered the market to cater for a smaller clientele. In particular SMEs looking for a meeting room for just a day or even a few hours in a particular location. geolocation very specific. This has led to the emergence of mini-OTAs for booking rooms.

Far from the billions of euros generated by Mark Dixon

These “small operators” have come to position themselves in a whole area of the market that is still up for grabs. l events can also be linked to a desire to test Turkey Telegram Number Data a concept before redeploying it on a larger scale. That’s how Pop Up stores came into bein. A kind of shop inside an existing shop (Corner). Or outright rental of an ephemeral doorstep to set up a test shop. This allows clothing brands to test themselves in areas where they feel the catchment areas are potentially representative of future customers.

We find many of them in the Marais district of Paris

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For example, which is know for “setting the trends”. This allows you to test your business without having.To invest in one or more fully-fledged businesses at the Italy Telegram Number outset. Digitise online events With Covid, ‘physical’ operators have been forced to rethink their models. With physical trade shows no longer able to take place. Because of the various confinements and drastic reduction in national and international travel. Genuine online digital trade show platforms have been create. enabling visitors to continue exhibiting virtually.

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