From the simple webinar  Online meeting optimize < we have moved into a higher dimension (3D, in fact), with operators such as Digital EXPO, which lets you create immersive 3D virtual living rooms. Beyond the covid, it’s quite easy to understand the potential savings in terms of travel costs (not), stand construction costs (not), and customisation possibilities whose only limit seems to be the imagination. Virtual trade fairs barely created and already overtaken (?) by the advent of the Metavers so dear to Mark Zuckerberg this time: The Metaverse According to Zuckerberg, we are on the cusp of the creation of a real revolution in terms of digital consumption habits, and a parallel virtual world that could soon see the light of day.

The fall in Meta’s share price Ex Facebook From the simple webinar

From the simple webinar  and Mr Zuckerberg’s personal fortune plummeting in the process, we’re not there yet at the time of writing. A genuine revolution. The digital divide that separates UAE Telegram Number Data  us from this new world seems to be more a dream 20 years in the future than a reality today.Metavers optimize 360 It may (or may not?) be a long time before a real professional event takes place in the metaverse. As you will have realised. MICE requires a team of professionals to organise. And plan the event from start to finish, especially when the number of people (participants) is high, and the organisational logistics that go with it.

Sending a company convention abroad is not something

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From the simple webinar  you can improvise, whether in terms of transport logistics, entertainment or even insurance. This is in contrast to simple online meetings. Which can be set up and Japan Telegram Number organised in just a few clicks. The MICE industry: some figures As we explained above. It is in fact very complicated to consolidate MICE sales. Give the large number of possible and sometimes indirect players and protagonists involved.  We can therefore clearly assume that the trend is in line with that of the surrounding global economy.

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