The basics of internal links Building internal links is the easiest and most timeless SEO strategy. After reading this article, you will be able to go to your website or blog and start creating effective internal links right away. Does that sound good to you? Let’s start: Internal links What are internal lnks?  With internal lnks you send links of the same value to another page. Over time this will build authority on your website and make your link building efforts more effective. Listing in directories: Internal lnks allow search engine crawlers to properly list your website in the various directories.

Rules for internal lnks

The basics of internal links Internal lnks will reduce the bounce rate on your site and increase pageviews and average time spent on your site. Sales direction: Since the website is yours, you Japan WhatsApp Number List can “dictate” which pages the user should go to. If you are trying to sell a product or even drive your leads, you can structure your site in such a way that internal links will lead users to the most important money pages of your site. 11  You should follow the rules below to be sure that your internal lnks will have a positive impact on your organic growth: 1. Use exact match anchor text Internal lnks are evaluated in a different way than the external anchor text of external links.

Be smart about the first appearance of each link

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It is well known in the SEO industry that Google only counts the first anchor text of each internal link. That is, if you have more than one link for the same page  France Phone Number on your same page, Google will only count the first anchor text you used. This means that you should be smart about the configuration of this page. You should remember that the links in your navigation belong to your internal lnks. So, if you are trying to improve the visibility of a specific page or keyword, you should make sure that you use a strong anchortext for the first appearance of the link. This is easy to do if it is not in your navigation. 3. Leverage your home page

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