You should always plan your internal lnks strategy with the goal and compass of serving your users the best. However, this does not mean that you cannot create a structure that will serve both the user and the search engines. To have both the pie whole and the dog full, you can use so-called silo structures. A silo structure is essentially a group of pages with highly related content connected by links to each other. This creates a strong web of relevance, which will enhance the visibility of each page.

Always use the DoFollow tag

Your internal links should always be DoFollow. The only time it is good and appropriate to use the “nofollow” tag on your site is when you are using Jordan WhatsApp Number List affiliate links or in the comments section of your blog. Even when trying to eliminate duplicate / identical / copied content, you should still only use the “noindex” and “follow” tags. 7.

Open your links in a New Window

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Personally, I set all my links to open in a new window. I believe that users don’t like to lose their position in reading an article because they clicked on a link. This German Phone Number happens when a resource doesn’t open in a new window, forcing the user to find where it was left off… Is this so tragic? No. But it is very annoying! I always tell my clients to set each of their links to open in a new window. This is especially important for internal links, because otherwise the visitor may leave your site quickly! 8. ALT Tag = Anchor Text You may in some cases want to link your images to an internal source. So before you do that, make sure your ALT Tag reflects the keyword of the page it will link to. For example, if I wanted to link an image from this article to my article on “How to become an SEO expert”, I would use the term “seo expert” in my ALT Tag. Google considers the ALT Tag as anchor text in image links.

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