There is absolutely no reason not to have a social media presence


There is absolutely no reason If it’s too low, then you should either a) to enhance the visibility of keywords or b) improve your titles and descriptions. Social Presence Like it or not, social presence is very important for SEO. But beyond that, social media is an amazing way to build relationships and build your Prestige. The ranking of specific keywords Now let’s look at the most famous SEO statistic of all time: the ranking of specific keywords. Isn’t it crazy that this benchmark is last on the list? This is because it is now an outdated benchmark for tracking SEO progress. Almost all results on Google are either personalized or derived based on the geographic location of the searcher.

These two factors will become more and more important

As time goes on. According to what I read and watch on a daily basis about how Google shapes its strategy, I predict that someday all the New Zealand WhatsApp Number List results of a search will be tailored to the characteristics, preferences and beliefs of the specific person who made the search. Google receives an incredible amount of data from Chrome, Gmail, Google Analytics and all of its other technologies in order to produce results tailored to each individual. It will be something similar to targeted ads, but in organic form.

Hierarchy Benchmarks for SEO

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You have the benchmarks you should be tracking for any SEO campaign. The question is: how will you prioritize them? So, which one Saudi Arabia Phone Number should you work on first? The interesting thing about SEO campaigns is that starting with the goal of simply improving rankings is not always the best strategy. Sometimes there are other issues that need to be addressed before on-site optimization and link building can begin in earnest. For example, if the bounce rate is high, users do not view more than one page, and the average time spent on the site is short, this means that you should focus first on optimizing and improving conversion rate and usability. Making sure your traffic is converting is the most important step of SEO. It doesn’t matter how much traffic you can get. What matters is how much of that traffic you convert.

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