I believe that the large   In the Google index is an indication of Prestige! Quality is based on Google’s 200 different ranking factors, the most important of which are links, social activity and user signals. I often see identical pages created for the same product, the only difference being the size or color. This means that the customer has hundreds of pages for the same product, but with a different color or size. As you can imagine, this is duplicate content which basically fills the Google index with unnecessary pages. So the issue is this: The only pages that should be indexed by Google are the original and quality ones. Amount of linking Root Domains Now we get to the links.

At the beginning of each campaign

you should always make a benchmark of the amount of links from Root Domains going to your website. The reason why you should Nigeria WhatsApp Number List benchmark links from Root Domains and not general backlinks is because you can have multiple links from the same site. To really increase Authority, you should get links from separate (individual) sites with unique IP addresses. Your goal is to increase the amount of quality links from Root Domains to your site over time. Click Through Rate (CTR) We’ve talked about this ranking factor before, but we’ll do it again because it’s a very important benchmark.

The reason this is so important is the fact

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That Google analyzes the CTR of SERP results and shuffles the results based on which pages get the best CTR. So in Google’s eyes, higher Singapore Phone Number  click-through rates equal greater perceived value. Regardless of what Google thinks, you should understand that increasing the click-through rate is very important, because it is the easiest way to get more specialized traffic, without increasing the visibility of your keywords. Go to Google Webmaster tools >> Search Traffic >> Search Analytics. Change the date range to the previous month and select “CTR”. This will give you the average click-through rate for your Google results. Over time, this percentage should increase.

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