We also recommend using a maximum of two or three different words in your domain name. Good features: Easy to pronounce: Choose words that are easy to pronounce in all languages. Omit numbers and hyphens: Website Content Alert: Good words relevant to your business or international goals. Focus on Relevant Keywords Choosing the right keywords to include in your domain name is crucial to improving SEO. To do this, you need to identify strategic keywords for your business unit and check their popularity in search engines.

Use a tool like the Google AdWords Keyword

Planner to determine the best keywords for your product. Analyze the Competition: Research your competitors’ domain names for inspiration and avoid Malaysia Phone Number List duplication. Adapt your vocabulary: Use common language that as many people as possible can understand. Consider Cultural and Linguistic Aspects If your target audience is an international audience, it is crucial that your domain name adapts to the different cultures and languages of your visitors. Here are some tips to help you achieve this: Stay Neutral: Avoid using terms that are too specific to a region or culture, as these may not be understood or misunderstood by people from other backgrounds.

Thinking about local markets

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A pun that works well in French may not have the same meaning or resonance in other languages. So choose simple expressions that are internationally India Phone Number List transparent. : Even though your domain name must be generic, don’t forget to consider the local specificities of each country you wish to be in. Choosing the Right Extension The final step in our guide is choosing your domain extension. Again, to optimize your international references, there are several criteria to consider: Prioritize generic domain names: .com, .net, or .org domain names are best for websites with an international mission.

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