Search engines and Internet users greatly prefer a site that loads quickly rather than a slow site. In addition, having a responsive design site (compatible on computer, mobile and tablet) has become essential to be found and read by as many Internet users as possible. How to evaluate your current SEO? Several free or paid tools exist to analyze and measure the SEO of your site. They generally allow you to obtain an SEO score, which is an overall reflection of the SEO quality of your pages. However, remember that this score is not an end in itself and that it generally requires optimization work to improve.

Analyze the position of your site on search engines

One of the main indicators to take into account is the position of your site or pages in search engine results. To do this, you can carry out searches using Philippines Phone Number List keywords linked to your theme and see if your web address appears among the first results. Check the indexing of your pages Another important factor is the indexing of your pages by search engines. To check this indexing, simply, on Google for example, type “” in the search bar.

Use specific SEO tools

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You will then see all the pages on your site indexed by the search engine. Finally, tools like Google Analytics, Google Search Console or even SemRush Vietnam Phone Number List can help you better understand the SEO of your site as well as possible areas for improvement. Tips for improving your SEO Create content: as often as possible, produce relevant and original articles, which provide real added value to your readers in order to encourage them to return to your site. Optimize your tags: make sure you have a unique and descriptive title for each page, as well as good meta tags (Description, H1, H2, etc.). Improve the speed of your site: reduce the size of images and use a good host to improve.

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