We can’t really predict  Moreover, there are not always rational explanations for this phenomenon. At least the good news is that demand has picked up nicely since 2017. And, paradoxically, 2019 has been moderately disrupted by industrial action and strikes. O_360 I Webmarketing Agency I Digital Strategy Agency MICE post Covid period We don’t yet have any concrete figures, as the health crisis of 2020-2021 is still too close to call, but it would seem that just as international tourism is recovering, so too is the MICE sector, according to tourism professionals. In any case, MICE is and will remain a powerful source of additional sales for a number of professions (led by the hotel industry). Optimize 360 gives you a An example of a hotel that has succeeded in literally boosting its sales thanks to MICE.

The challenges of MICE Organising and then making

The event an event There are two major challenges for MICE. Organising the MICE event As you can see from the above, organising a MICE event can range from UK Telegram Number Data simple meeting room hire to company conventions, exhibitions and trade fairs. In fact, the complexity of the organisation, the costs and the number of people involved are directly correlated to the size and scale of the event. The larger the MICE event, the more important it will be to anticipate it and then to seek support, even if very large organisations may have a Chief MICE Officer. When it comes to organising a seminar, meeting or symposium abroad, starting with finding the Idoine venue..you’ll need to call on professionals to bring your project to fruition.

Making the event an event 2nd challenge: getting the word out

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If it’s an internal company event. It’s not too complicate to block everyone’s diaries post it on the intranet and get the managers concerned to pass it on to Nigeria Telegram Number their teams. On the other hand, for tourism professionals and those who work with them (hotels, restaurants, etc.). It will be a case of either becoming a central player as a “recipient of the event”. Or even being virtually the organiser. Spreading the word about their know-how is therefore going to become essential for Event Agencies themselves, for tourism and incoming professionals.

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