So let’s look at the steps you need to take to make sure you’re ready for the Knowledge Graph: Make a G Page + Page and fill in as many details as possible, if not all Add high quality photos to your G+ Get Customer Reviews of your G+ page Build Local References (referrals) Link the website to your Google+ Page The Local Search Pack is the traditional type of local results that includes a list of 3 local businesses related to the search term and a map above them. These listings appear directly below the paid google ads if they are otherwise above the organic results. The ranking positions of the sites in the Local Search. Package as well as the reference points in SEO are calculated based on more than 150 known variables.

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SEO promotion not only helps in organic searches but also in visibility on Google maps topics anazitiseis google 3 pack How to Optimize for Local Search In Local South Korea WhatsApp Number List Search optimization, are to make sure your website is properly optimized. build Domain Authority, and subscribe to local lists. Here I’ll walk you through a checklist and some tools I use to make sure I’ve taken the most important steps to ranking high locally. 1.My name. Address and phone number appear on every page of my website 2.Each page of my site has unique content detailing a product or service 3.

Have I registered my site in local directories

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4.Do I have all the local references (referrals) that my competitors have? You can figure this out using tools like Scrapebox or just by using Google.  France Whatsapp Number  This will show you the pages that list your competitors’ addresses. In other words, it will provide you with a goldmine of potential referral sites. This process is good to do for the 5-10 most competitive sites. 5. Reviews from websites such as Google+ If not, you should encourage people to leave comments and reviews about your business.

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