A Comprehensive Guide to How to Do Local SEO

A Comprehensive Guide to Local SEO is the process of optimizing your website so that you can get higher rankings in local searches. More than a third of Google searches in 2016 were local. Google is increasingly understanding the intentions of users regarding their searches, so it chooses to show them local results even if they use search terms unrelated to their location. This means that local searches are now firmly in the spotlight. In other words, searching for a phrase like “best hotels” could produce results that contain local businesses mixed in with organic results.

What is Knowledge Graph

So my point is that if you have a business that can serve local customers or that has a physical address, you should optimize their page for local searches. For those South Africa WhatsApp Number List who don’t know much about local search, let me clarify that a geographically targeted search term is one that includes a location, like for example “ SEO in Greece ”. Having a location in the search term is what triggers the local results pack, while searches for your Brand the Knowledge Graph . As you can see below, the Knowledge Graph is a photo-rich search result that appears to the right of the first organic result.

The Knowledge Graph draws photos and data

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From user reviews and comments, public uploads and shares, and from the photos you upload to your G + Local page. Its appearance is based on the number of China Whatsapp Number searches made on a Brand and includes: – Basic information and a brief description from Wikipedia – Photos from Google Plus – Customer Reviews from Google – Social Profiles – Related Searches Knowledge Graph Greece How to optimize your page for Knowledge Graph results Optimizing for the Knowledge Graph is a fairly simple process for a search engine expert and is definitely worth the time it takes to get it done.

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