Work on the video title Once this list has been established, it is appropriate to select the most appropriate keywords based on their relevance, but also on their level of competition, i.e. the number of results displayed when a user types this term in search engine. The title and description are the first elements that catch the user’s attention on the list of results. They must therefore be catchy and attractive while being sufficiently explicit in terms of their content. Your title should feature the primary keyword , while the description should include secondary keywords, organically integrated into the sentences in a natural way.

A good practice is also to intelligently decompartmentalize

The vocabulary used in order to improve semantic richness while avoiding the so-called “overexposure” phenomenon. Meta tags Video SEO cannot do without Belgium Telegram Number Data meta tags , as they are essential to giving search engines context about your video. Among these tags, we find: meta title: it corresponds to the title of the web page hosting your video and must contain the main keyword. meta description : it represents a short and informative summary of your video and must include several well-chosen keywords.

Google no longer uses this tag for its ranking some search engines

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meta keywords: even if like Bing , still pay attention to it. So don’t neglect to enter the keywords related to your video. Technical optimization of video for efficient Canada Telegram Number SEO Just like for a website. It is important to technically optimize your video for SEO by paying particular attention to different key factors. The file name and URL You should give your video file a meaningful name . This name must contain the main keyword, separated from other elements of the title by underscores or short hyphens. The URL of the page hosting this video must also be structured according to the same logic: clear. Precise and including the appropriate keywords.

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