Write unique meta  The titles of your pages, categories and products with keywords that are relevant to your business sector. Meta tags and description : o improve their visibility on search engines and boost click-through rates on these pages from the organic results. Loading speed : Optimise loading speed by compressing and resizing images, deactivating unnecessary functions and using a solution CDN to distribute content quickly to your visitors. Mobile version : Make sure that your site is responsive, so that it adapts to different types of device and screen (smartphones, tablets, computers) to give mobile users the best possible user experience.

By following these tips and tricks for setting up an Adobe

Commerce (Magento) site, you’ll have an online shop that’s ready to win over new customers and generate sales thanks to an Brazil Mobile Number List attractive design, a well-structured catalogue and impeccable technical qualThe title and description of a page are key factors in encouraging visitors to click on a search result. Care must be taken to ensure that they are attractive and relevant to the content of the page.

To avoid problems with duplicate content and improve page quality

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It is essential to develop unique contentEach product and category is designe to be informative and engaging. Making the site Spain WhatsApp Number List mobile-friendly . With a growing proportion of searches  carry out from mobile devices. adapting . The content and design of the site for these users has essential. Setting up rich snippets. Rich extracts displayed in search results give users more information. About the product and can increase the number of clicks to the page.

In short, SEO is a major challenge for e-commerce sites and requires a structured and flexible approach. By regularly analysing performance and making ongoing adjustments to their strategies. Online shops can work to improve their visibility in search results. while ensuring that their online presence is maintain sustainable. growth of their business.

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