A Guide to Getting Started  There are some areas in Search Engine Optimization that stand out and that we should probably pay special attention to. One of them is technical SEO. So let’s look at some things you need to know to get started… The Speed ​​of Sites I often talk about Site Speed ​​with my clients. The funny thing is that there are many different opinions about the importance of Site Speed ​​as a ranking factor. So for me it’s not only an important ranking factor, but it’s a very important, if not fundamental, element of good user experience. If your site is too slow, your visitors will leave and go to your competitors within seconds, no matter how high your search engine rankings are.

A google tool that you can use to check

The speed of your website is google insight Flash & SEO If you are building a site and want to optimize it for SEO you should try not to use too much Flash. Flash Slovenia WhatsApp Number List is poorly indexed, so try not to use it for your content and site navigation. In Greece I notice that many websites use flash to impress their visitors.  Google warns against using Flash on mobile devices. This can “kill” the traffic and conversion of your site.

That means it’s probably time to get on the HTML5 train

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If you haven’t already, that is. A little bit of Flash on a page won’t cause a problem (better not to use it at all) but avoid using it in SEO based areas. Google’s engines Canada Whatsapp Number cannot read Flash, so your content will be essentially invisible to search engines. HTML5 is SEO friendly. Also, Google can read directories and content written in HTML5. Optimized for Mobile Mobile Optimization is always a must for all pages. Mobile device traffic is already surpassing desktop or desktop traffic as more and more people use their mobile phones to browse the internet.

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