We all knew that this would happen someday. majority of users will use more than one device to search, compare and buy. The majority of these users will use more than one device within a 24 hour period! You need to be where your users are. This doesn’t just mean you should have a presence on social platforms or run marketing campaigns. Your site should be mobile friendly and other similar devices. If your site is not specifically designed to receive mobile traffic, you should take all the necessary steps to make it mobile friendly. Start today and don’t disappoint your visitors because this will make them search alternative, to go to your competitors.

To provide a less satisfying user experience

and it doesn’t like that at all. If you want to see your rankings improve, you should have a mobile-optimized site. You can check your website for mobile Singapore WhatsApp Number List compatibility in Google’s free tool Meta Keywords Many find it difficult to abandon Meta Keywords. It used to be a great way to spam a site, but now it’s an outdated and ineffective tactic used by irrelevant people. Get rid of them asap. Structured Data Structured data is essentially data about data or information about your website. Google and the other major search engines once created a common “language” for creating this kind of data so that they all “understood” it.

This language includes  Google considers sites that aren’t optimized

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At first no one noticed these tags, probably because then they could not understand their meaning and purpose. However, with the advent of Penguin and Panda, the Cambodia Whatsapp Number notion that “content is the king” prevaile again. But Google reminde us that we could use these tags, to clarify some important information by giving this way to its “machines” deeper understanding of the website He also gave us tools for highlighting and testing.

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