About the types, attributes and structure of marketing KPIs

#One. “Can you promise how much traffic will increase if you do intent marketing?” “And please prove the ROI by predicting what kind of sales performance will be created for our company in the short term with this increased traffic.”

When I get asked this question at the first meeting from a company with a website with little natural influx, I actually feel a bit weak. It’s a necessary question, but it’s not a story that will come out at this stage.

Provide content accordingly to increase high-quality,

Of course, all marketing is done to increase sales Costa Rica Email List and M/S. However, in order for a company to conduct business online, it must first identify consumer intent and natural inflow traffic, and then secure a certain amount of engagement with consumers at all times. Afterwards, it is the right order to execute a strategy to increase sales based on this. I don’t think it’s the right approach to discussing target KPIs without any system in place.

Still, KPIs are important in marketing. Marketing action-level KPIs (speed-type KPIs: KPIs representing short-term or instantaneous performance) that can be immediately identified as a result of the work performed by marketing team members, and intermediate KPIs (or accumulation-type KPIs: long-term performance KPIs) that are accumulated KPI) and furthermore, you must understand who is responsible for managing the business KPI that appears as the final result of all of this, at what point you need to check it, and at what cycle you need to do PDCA.

Let’s take a closer look at KPIs

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I believe the questions I complained about above actually stem from a lack of understanding of the nature of the KPIs described below. From this point of view.

Speed-type KPI and accumulation-type KPIVelocity KPIs
#2. Velocity KPIs that represent short-term, momentary performance include things like website visitors per day, conversion rate per campaign, and number of leads to reach. Usually, these KPIs are available immediately after completing a specific activity. Number of audiences to reach. A metric that measures how many  CW Leads potential customers your message can be reached through a new marketing activity.
Accrual KPI
#3. And another is the accumulation-type KPI that indicates long-term cumulative performance. These KPIs include things like customer lifetime value, brand awareness, and customer loyalty.

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