Elements Cloud It Designed to Help Developers Overcome

The challenge of integrating apis to synchronize data and build new applications faster. By providing a single platform for managing and integrating apis. Cloud elements simplifies the process of connecting different cloud services and enables developers to focus on building innovative solutions rather than spending time on integration challenges. Also. Read: salesforce data migration checklist: […]

16 marketing content and content silos

The original function of marketing content is to connect products and potential customers (readers) through content. Good content has a strong connection, and bad content does not show that power. Where does the power of this connection come from? Is it the charm of the content itself? Or does it come from something that lives […]

Product detail page planning

There are several types of web pages that we need to create related to a specific product, as shown below. These web pages have different components and have quite different purposes for their existence. Still, I often think that one product page can do all of these webpages together. Is this even possible? Wouldn’t that […]

Digital Marketing Summit 2023 Recap & Review

The article briefly checked what kind of event DMS 2023 (Digital Marketing Summit 2023) was, and organized it to take a light look at marketing trends and trends through these conferences. The digital marketing summit that ranked the highest among the 2023 marketing conferences that marketers are looking for based on search volume! Shall we […]

Importance of original content according to AI advancement

This is a post written on the topic of AI, content, and SEO while attending and listening to 20 sessions at DMS (Digital Marketing Summit) 2023. Original content has become more important in the age of the great flood of content and technology advancement. Not forgetting that the core of technology, including AI, is to […]

Bibigo’s brand strategy that achieved KRW 3 trillion in sales

In Korea, basketball fandom is small compared to the United States. Therefore, in Korea, the story and mission of bibigo were expressed through dramas. By supporting the production of the drama In-house Match, we were able to find bibigo’s logo, dumplings, and kimchi products throughout the drama. In addition, we were able to elicit a […]

Generative AI & ChatGPT Business Use Cases and the Future of AI

New and fast examples of chatGPT and generative AI are issues recently. In particular, what is happening in the business scene? In addition to the cases mentioned in the lecture, we checked the cases that have recently become issues. Nike Case: Product Prototyping with Generative AI “Nike leverages generative AI to create product Denmark Email […]

Why You Should Have a Listening Mind

Listening Mind is a very useful tool for companies in various fields to deepen customer understanding, establish effective marketing strategies, and strengthen competitiveness. Customer browsing behavior helps us improve customer service. You can understand what problems your customers are experiencing and devise ways to improve your service in response. Therefore, a listening mind is a […]

[Next Commerce] Alcohol, beauty, and food consumer desire data

Marketers call this field ‘intent marketing’, and planners call this field ‘trend sensing’. And Park Se-yong, CEO of Ascent Korea, defines this work as a ‘listening mind’ that listens to customer intent. Easier SEO or trend sensing means more ‘discovery of opportunities’. If you search for ‘dryer’ on Listening Mind, you will be surprised to […]