Accounting and tax obligations are inherent to the birth and development of any company Liabilities, assets,  assets, depreciation… Accounting has traditionally been one of the main headaches for Spanish SMEs . But for a company (small, or large) to be successful, it is essential to keep track of its financial situation . Accounting problems affect the functioning of a business and can even cause it to fail. Advice Organizing accounting should be a priority. SMEs should be familiar with their obligations, keep accurate records of revenue and costs and, where possible, have an accounting expert to help them with the numbers. In this sense we are not going to go into too technical aspects. For that there are professionals. We  about generic steps to organize proper accounting for our.

It is essential to collect all income, expenses

And other operations to the activity of your company . Demonstrating any operation with a receipt or copy of it is to keep good control of your accounting . Without documents that prove what was  in the record , its veracity could not be . Record of income and expenses . All the economic Benin Phone Number List movements and operations of the company , as well as its payments and collections , must be for. It would be convenient for both income and expenses to be chronologically, either by month, quarter or quarter. Taxes . The Treasury , every year and every quarter, requires the submission of different tax return models . It is very important to have a record of the different taxes for companie, Personal Income Tax, Corporate.

And annually, all accounting books and annual

Accounts must be to the Commercial Registry. Check minutes, accounts and balances . In this way we will be certain that the collections and payments , as well as the supporting documents , are not wrong or duplicated. Keep Germany Phone Number List accounting up to date . Do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today. Having your accounts and records up to date will save you time and hassle. Spend some of your time on paperwork and don’t leave it until the end of the year. This will help you know the financial situation of your company and prepare the general balance sheet at the end of the year. Accounting is an activity that many SMEs , too many, carry out in an unprofessional manner, which contrasts with the relevance it has for the proper functioning of their business . Taxation The.

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