Complete interview with

Complete interview with David Pires, CTO at Zigpay 1- How did Zigpay be founded? I started by founding Cubos, which is a Bahian Venture Builder with three areas of activity: The first is education with Cubos Academy, which produces courses focused on technology and programming; The second is to provide innovation and technology to third parties through contracting software development, and services such as devops, pentest, IT consultancy, among others. Among the work carried out, we were responsible for the Bahia application and the Fit Dance internal portal.

The third arm is company

Building, in which we partner with entrepreneurs and build the technology area of ​​startups. Zigpay was a project that emerged from this third aspect of Cubos. In the Northeast Mobile Number List beginning I did a little bit of everything at Zig, but today I take care of the entire product and technology area. It is a consumption automation platform for the entertainment marke We started operating in Bahia three years ago, but the biggest entertainment market in Brazil is São Paulo and we decided to come here thinking about expanding the operation.

What are the biggest pain

Points that Zigpay solves? Normally, producing an Argentina Phone Number List event is a “blind flight”. The owner buys a stock, puts it up for sale and at the end counts the chips to find out whether he made or lost money, control is minimal. So first, we bring value to the establishment owner, with real-time data visualization and inventory and sales control. We give access to various customer data, so the establishment can create specific promotions for each type of consumer.

Several different sectors join

Several different sectors join forces to combat the virus, structured in “cross industry” initiatives with the leadership of InovaHC. Telecommunications, technology, retail, financial markets and construction materials are some examples of sectors that have joined forces with health. One of the important initiatives is the project to monitor medical equipment in ICUs. By connecting devices to measure the main vital signs of an ICU bed, the objective of the project is to create a bed monitoring center. Reducing the need for contact and increasing safety for healthcare professionals.

Another important initiative

Supported by Inova HC is RadVid-19, an action between Brazilian radiologists supported by CBR to collect X-ray and tomography exams confirmed Kuwait Mobile Number List or suspected of Covid-19. The intention is to be a repository of coronavirus cases in Brazil. Which will be opened for the application of artificial intelligence to provide clinical decision aid. Therefore, the purpose is to make this type of diagnosis more accurate. “We will expand the base by collecting cases initially. And then annotating and classifying images through a national initiative of radiologists.

Then the classified image base

Will be made available for the development and Algeria Phone Number List validation of Machine Learning algorithms. The first algorithm ever implemented on the platform analyzes the collected tomography images, generating a report that can be accessed by the radiologist, with the aim of aiding clinical decisions” , says Ivisen Lourenço, Innovation Manager at InovaHC – HCFMUSP. Therefore, we can conclude that the crisis brings opportunities as well as challenges. It is a time of adaptation, creation of new processes in the search for innovative .Solutions to current problems and always with the aim of improving the lives and journeys of patients.

We have as an example

We have as an example startups from the District that are currently working to help fight Covid-19: IDFLOW: startup that, based on intelligent monitoring of patients. Carries out diagnoses and control of processes in healthcare units, analyzing operational failures and preventing constant errors, from patient entry to hospital discharge. Generating data for assertive decision-making for managers and directors. W3.CARE: creat Tele an application that helps identify symptoms, free of charge for the general population.

The data obtained through

It helps to create a map of places where there are more cases of the disease. Helping authorities in the fight against the disease. Importance of Hospital Brazil Mobile Number List das Clínicas at this time of COVID-19 The importance of Hospital das . Clínicas at this time of combating the Covid-19 pandemic becomes increasingly necessary. Below we have separated some of the actions and initiatives that the institution has been taking during this time of crisis.

Crisis Committee began

preparing since January for the arrival of seriously . Ill patients who neo be treated in the hospital’s  due to the new coronavirus. Release of 900 bs Afghanistan Phone Number List at the Central Institute (ICHC) exclusively to treat cases link to the coronavirus. Patients with other needs are being treated separately in different locations to be better protect from the risk of contagion. How the crisis accelerated technology initiatives in healthcare . In this context, the demand for new models and technologies that bring more safety. And efficiency grown substantially.

Evaluate your performance

Evaluate your performance Everything on the internet is measurable. Use this to your advantage: monitor the number of visits to your page.The time each user spent online, pay attention to the number of likes, views and comments on posts. Monitoring your company’s virtual engagement is essential to understand the direction it is taking. They are all good indicators of how the content is being receiv by your audience and can be very useful when developing a new plan.

More than ever, the word of the

Moment is adaptation. The rapid mobilization to contain the spread of the epidemic showed that many measures that were previously considered Czech Republic Mobile Number List impractical can be simple and executable (in some cases, even profitable). Now is the time to embrace change and boost your business by taking advantage of the digital transformation that this period demands. District virtual residency program.The Hospital das Clínicas de São Paulo (HCFMUSP) has been taking . Aeries of initiatives to combat the crisis generated by the impacts caused by .

As it is the largest hospital

In Latin America, with more than 1.5 million Albania Phone Number List outpatient visits per year. It is clear that the institution must show commitment both in the management of hospitals and in the entire healthcare sector.HealthTech. It is for this reason that the company created the Technological Innovation Center – InovaHC – in 2014. Whose main objective is to be a catalyst for innovation in the healthcare sector.

7 destinations to enjoy the explosion of nature this spring

Spring is synonymous with the awakening of nature. We leave behind the grey skies and cold weather of winter, even though this year has been particularly hot, to make way for milder temperatures that allow nature to awaken in all its splendour. Therefore, it is a good time to visit natural passages that are always worthwhile and that are even more spectacular in spring.

Jerte Valley, flowering in its purest form

The Jerte Valley, located in the Extremadura region, is famous for its impressive landscapes during spring. Here, between the months of March and April, the cherry trees burst into bloom, creating a sea of ​​white and pink flowers that contrasts with the green of the mountains. Walking through its picturesque Middle East Mobile Number List villages and trails is a unique experience for nature and photography lovers.

Doñana National Park, a sanctuary for migratory birds

In southern Spain, Doñana National Park offers a sanctuary for a wide variety of migratory birds during the spring. The wetlands, marshes and dunes of this park come alive with the return of waterfowl and pink flamingos, making it an ideal destination for birdwatchers and wildlife lovers. Make the most of the fact that it is still open to visit and, as it is in the south, the weather can always be better.

Sierra de Cazorla, for hiking lovers

Hiking enthusiasts cannot miss the spring in the Sierra de Cazorla, in the province of Jaén. With its imposing mountains, crystal-clear rivers and dense pine forests, this natural park offers a variety of routes to explore and enjoy the native flora and fauna in all their splendor.

Brihuega and its lavender fields

During spring, the lavender fields in Brihuega become a sea Afghanistan Phone Number List ​​purple that captivates the senses. Located in the province of Guadalajara, these fields offer a stunning visual spectacle and an intoxicating aroma. Visitors can stroll through the fields and enjoy the beauty and tranquility of this unique landscape.

Sierra Nevada National Park and the awakening of nature

Sierra Nevada is a must-see destination for mountain lovers during spring. As the snow melts, the peaks of this mountain range reveal a great diversity of flora and fauna. The trails offer spectacular panoramic views and the opportunity to observe wildlife in their natural habitat.

Business internationalization: open the door

Going abroad, as a way of growth and open the door expansion of any company It can be a success, the solution to SME problems or a bad dream if it goes wrong Spanish SMEs have played a very important role in commercial internationalization through their exports. But a company’s decision to go abroad is not easy. Corporate culture In times of internal crisis, when demand within the country stagnates , it is vital to look for new markets . Finding new clients is no longer an option but a necessity for the businessman. One of the main barriers for Spanish SMEs lies in the existing business culture . That is: there are businessmen convinced that only in the local market can I find business. The fear of the unknown or taking business risks continues to be an obstacle in internationalization. In addition, there are other barriers such as lack of financing , lack of qualified personnel or lack of languages ​​that situation.

Exports Opportunities and risks The figures

Tell us that in recent years an average of , companies have joined international activity . It stands out that there is an increase in the number of regular companies , that is, those that maintain their activity abroad for four or Kuwait Phone Number List more years . We must assume that internationalization is not a simple process and requires adequate planning. It is necessary to design a complete project , which includes a review of all the processes involved . Influence in multiple areas such as marketing , commercial, financial, logistics, legal. Nothing can be neglected if you want to start this path with certain guarantees of success. Solid strategy The first commandment of internationalization focuses on making our product known . The second , to detect real needs of the place to which you are going and a third , to step on safe ground.

Now, there are many factors to take into account

To sell with guarantees in new international markets . More exports The opportunities are undoubted, but the enormous challenges that internationalization also entails cannot be ignored . Especially in the case of smaller companies . We must Italy Phone Number List have solid strategic plans and expansion projects . This is a deep knowledge of the markets, access to the necessary financial resources and being able to face the subsequent costs. Beyond knowledge of the language or traveling to reconnoitre the place , we must establish a solid strategy . A convincing argument for ourselves. But also with the target audience to conquer. Then, we will be closer to not easy international success . Choosing the destination country for your exports is a critical step , especially if you lack experience.

Business digitalization: from the important to the urgent

One more point of digitalization in Spanish SMEs would boost GDP by % and create a million jobs Let’s start by being realistic. After days of the beginning of the new year, more than one of us have left behind the resolutions that, with good intentions, we made as the bells tolled… it’s like that. It’s too late to talk about purposes. It’s time for commitments. The future of your business is at stake. If you’re thinking about it, you’re late. Digitization ? _ Either you are there, or you It seems unbelievable, but only % of SMEs , micro-businesses and the self-employed, which ma of the business fabric, claim to have the intention of going digital . They are not mere statistics. Its importance lies in the fact that these companies support % of total employment. The main consequence is that its limited digitalization.

Imperative challenges Digitalization is, along

With aspects so related to it such as internationalization , specialization and growth, one of the great challenges for Spanish SMEs . It is a great opportunity, but it also demands decisive action. White and in bottles: SMEs with a Israel Phone Number List future are digital. Photography on digitalization The change It is clear that the digital transformation of SMEs can, at first glance, be a very ambitious objective. Above all, the number of challenges it involves in comparison to the resources available to a large percentage of SMEs produces a certain vertigo. While many, too many SMEs live in a digital lethargy , others in the same sector or others that may enter into competition are adopting a different approach: they observe, train, invest, study, plan, analyzeThe difference between both methods.

In a progressive loss of competitiveness of lagging

The digital transition is not a cost, it is an investment. You have to know how to face it: learn, accumulate knowledge and Iran Phone Number List compete. Despair Commitment The digital environment in business is key. Its application in all sectors of the economy, business , public or private, makes digitalization an aspect that is as undeniable as it is necessary. Digital transformation is more of a management challenge than the simple implementation of technology. It is inconceivable to understand the fact of starting, developing or expanding a business without a clear and concise digital strategy . At Iberaval we are digital. It is a necessity. The world today is more digital than.

Why does your business need an app?

In the era of technology and digital transformation. Many companies wonder if they need a mobile app to boost their business . The answer is clear: yes! First of all, a mobile app gives you a direct and effective way to reach your customers. With the increasing use of smartphones and tablets. Apps have become an integral part of people’s daily lives. By having your own app, you can offer your customers a unique and convenient experience. Giving them instant access to your products or services from anywhere and at any time. Furthermore, the growth in smartphone use is impressive . According to the Statista report. The number.

Of smartphone users in the world is expected

To reach billion in , which represents an increase of % compared to This means that there will be a large number of potential mobile Finland Phone Number List app users in the global market. Having an app allows you to take advantage of this trend and reach a wider audience. Another relevant fact according to Google Trends, some of the most searched apps in Spain in the last months are WhatsApp, Instagram, TikTok, Telegram and Netflix. These Apps reflect users’ interest in communication, entertainment and leisure, but above all better and easier access to the services offered by companies. These are some of the benefits.

 Implementing an App in your organization

Improve user experience. You can design an intuitive and friendly interface, adapted to the needs of your customers, resulting in a fluid Indonesia Phone Number List and pleasant experience. By offering personalized features adapted to each user, you can increase customer satisfaction and strengthen their loyalty to your business. Use marketing strategies within the app to promote your products or services, send relevant notifications and make special offers. Information about your clients and their tastes Collect valuable data on your customers’ behavior, allowing you to improve your strategies and make informed decisions. You.


The importance of data visualization and storytelling

In the information age The importance access to large amounts of data has become easier than ever. However, the real key to making effective strategic decisions lies not simply in the amount of data available, but in how it is presented and communicated. This is where data visualization and storytelling come into play. But how can you make the most of information and why is data visualization important to convey information clearly and persuasively? – Effective communication: Data visualization allows us to communicate complex information in an effective and understandable way. Instead of presenting a table full of numbers.

Or a long list of statistics, visualizations allow you

To summarize and represent data in a concise and graphical way. Charts, diagrams, infographics, and other visual elements capture the viewer’s attention and make it easy to understand patterns, trends, and relationships in Cayman Islands Phone Number List the data. – Memory and retention: People tend to remember visually presented information better than purely textual information. By combining data with visuals and narratives, we create a memorable experience that takes root in the viewer’s mind. Data-driven stories help contextualize information, creating an emotional connection and improving retention of key information. – Persuasion and decision.

Making: Telling powerful data-driven stories not only

Informs, but also persuades and motivates action. Data visualizations can reveal hidden insights, reveal opportunities for improvement, or highlight challenges. By presenting these findings in a compelling and engaging way, you can Hong Kong Phone Number List influence decision-making and generate positive changes in the organization. – Accessibility and democratization of data: Data visualization is not only useful for analytics experts, but it also democratizes access to information. By presenting data in a clear and understandable manner, it is easier for people at different levels and areas of the organization to understand and participate.


Accounting in SMEs: obligation and necessity

Accounting and tax obligations are inherent to the birth and development of any company Liabilities, assets,  assets, depreciation… Accounting has traditionally been one of the main headaches for Spanish SMEs . But for a company (small, or large) to be successful, it is essential to keep track of its financial situation . Accounting problems affect the functioning of a business and can even cause it to fail. Advice Organizing accounting should be a priority. SMEs should be familiar with their obligations, keep accurate records of revenue and costs and, where possible, have an accounting expert to help them with the numbers. In this sense we are not going to go into too technical aspects. For that there are professionals. We  about generic steps to organize proper accounting for our.

It is essential to collect all income, expenses

And other operations to the activity of your company . Demonstrating any operation with a receipt or copy of it is to keep good control of your accounting . Without documents that prove what was  in the record , its veracity could not be . Record of income and expenses . All the economic Benin Phone Number List movements and operations of the company , as well as its payments and collections , must be for. It would be convenient for both income and expenses to be chronologically, either by month, quarter or quarter. Taxes . The Treasury , every year and every quarter, requires the submission of different tax return models . It is very important to have a record of the different taxes for companie, Personal Income Tax, Corporate.

And annually, all accounting books and annual

Accounts must be to the Commercial Registry. Check minutes, accounts and balances . In this way we will be certain that the collections and payments , as well as the supporting documents , are not wrong or duplicated. Keep Germany Phone Number List accounting up to date . Do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today. Having your accounts and records up to date will save you time and hassle. Spend some of your time on paperwork and don’t leave it until the end of the year. This will help you know the financial situation of your company and prepare the general balance sheet at the end of the year. Accounting is an activity that many SMEs , too many, carry out in an unprofessional manner, which contrasts with the relevance it has for the proper functioning of their business . Taxation The.

Boost your business with Data BI and make strategic decisions

Many times organizations are unable to obtain the information they at the time they it to boost their business . Report generation is too manual, mixing data and files in slow and not always homogeneous processes. That is why it is essential to have Data BI tools that generate accurate data in real time, in a and orderly way to detect growth opportunities. Business Intelligence or Data BI is one of the most important technologies to know the performance of your business on real data; identifying trends, detecting opportunities and making data-driven business decisions. If you also want to make strategic decisions on data, keep reading this blog where you will find all the information to take.

Your organization to the next level: Data BI allows

Companies to make  and fast decisions Benefits of using the data BI methodology in your business – Data application: Collect, store, process and analyze data with the aim of obtaining relevant information and making decisions . The data is  in an appropriate system that guarantees its integrity and Azerbaijan Phone Number List accessibility. They are  and subjcted to different analysis techniques, statistical analysis or machine learning, in order to discover patterns and trends in the company. – Analytics: Data integration is the process of combining and consolidating data from different sources into a single coherent system. This involves extracting, transforming and loading data from various sources, such as databases, flat files or web applications.

Into a centralized repository. By consolidating

Data in one place , data duplication and inconsistency is reduced, improving the quality and reliability of information. – Visualization: Data visualization involves presenting data in a graphical and understandable way to facilitate France Phone Number List interpretation and analysis. Using graphs, charts, infographics, and other visuals, data visualization helps identify patterns, trends, and relationships between variables. Additionally, data visualization can facilitate the identification of areas for improvement and decision making. – Integration: Data integration is the process of combining and unifying data from different sources into a coherent and centralized system. This involves extracting data from various sources, transforming it to make it compatible.


tips to optimize your app Home Process improvement

The process of optimizing a tips to optimize mobile application does not end after its launch. In fact. It is in the maintenance stage where significant improvements can be made to ensure optimal operation and an exceptional user experience. In this blog. We will explain the necessary procedure to optimize your app. Exhaustive evaluation and analysis: The first step in the maintenance process is to perform a thorough evaluation and analysis of your application. Luce IT’s expert team will review the code.Architecture and infrastructure of your App to identify possible performance problems. Bottlenecks and opportunities for improvement.

This evaluation will establish a clear starting

Point for the optimization process. – Update and bug fixes: Once problems are identified, work will be done on updating your app, fixing bugs and resolving any stability issues. This will ensure that users have a smooth and Afghanistan Phone Number List uninterrupted experience when using the app. – Performance optimization: At this stage you have to focus on the performance of your app to make it faster and more efficient. This involves optimizing loading speed, reducing device resource consumption. And optimizing memory usage. Performance optimization not only improves the user experience.

But can also have a positive impact on user

Retention and loyalty. – Implementation of new features and improvements: This includes the integration of additional functionalities, the improvement of the user interface and the optimization of navigation. These constant Estonia Phone Number List improvements will keep your users engaged and attract new users to your application, making the conversion rate higher. – Extensive testing: Before implementing any changes to your App, Luce IT will carry out extensive testing to ensure that everything works as expected. Testing will include performance testing, compatibility testing on different devices and operating systems, as well as usability testing. This will ensure that there are no issues or errors in the application after implementing.