The easiest way to boost your brand  The 10 social platforms I mentioned above are the most popular, accounts for your brand should also be created on second-tier platforms in order to be secured there as well. Since this can be extremely tedious, I recommend using a service like Lock My brand or KnowEm to secure these properties. Niche Profiles In addition to your first and second tier properties, you should also find platforms relevant to your niche. These are YOUR social accounts, so you can do whatever you want with them and link them however you want. Promoting your Brand on your own platforms is not against any regulations. Internal Authority All the social platforms you have joined have one thing in common: massive Prestige.

A simple Google search with terms like your niche keyword

Sign up or register” will give you several relevant platforms. Update your accounts As you can imagine, securing the properties is not enough by itself. You should Oman WhatsApp Number List update them and increase their activity level as much as you can to show that they are active. I suggest starting with the most important first class properties. In each property you should at least: -Write a description rich in keywords -Enter your link (branded anchor) -If you are a local business owner, you should also enter your “physical” address.

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Important Note: If you are a local business, your brand should have the same and consistent presence across all social accounts. Accurate NAP (names, address, Sweden Phone Number  phone) information on your social accounts combined with your listing on various business directories can give your local results a huge boost. The connection of Social links (Interlinking) It’s very simple, just connect each of your social accounts with others. It goes without saying that you shouldn’t overdo it and fill each of your accounts with some thirty links. Usually 3-5 links are enough. Over time, this strategy will dramatically increase the Page Authority of your social accounts.

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