[Consultant Interview] Kim Gyu-yeon, who sincerely communicates with clients

A There were difficulties in applying technical SEO, so we had to compete with content SEO. That’s why I focused the most on making my blog content appear on the first page of Google, that is, creating content loved by Google .

Q. If so, how did you solve it and what are the results?

By building content that reflects customer intent on A client’s blog, we Canadian Email Lists  focused most on making the blog content appear on Google’s first page by increasing Google’s emphasis on authority and professionalism, and we were able to turn it into real results.
* Out of 100 published contents, 84 1 page exposure

Q During the project period, when was the moment when you felt the happiest or most fulfilled?
A I am very serious about data. We built a dashboard with spreadsheets (content publishing management sheets) and Google Search Console data, and checked traffic as if we were checking stocks while drinking coffee every morning. The feeling of accomplishment when checking the explosive increase in traffic every week cannot be expressed in words.😎

Q What is your own know-how or method for a successful project?

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A I think it can be summarized into four categories.
The first is to set the search engine overseas to find customer intent if the search results page doesn’t produce the results you want. The second is to communicate with customers at eye level . I know, but I don’t know the customer very well. Therefore, the point is to kindly explain until the customer understands. The third is to check content publication every morning as a fixed task, write and share QA for published articles . Lastly, fourthly, I think it is important to have a habit of asking for help from the leader in difficult situations and sharing it frequently with team members even when things go well.

02 Completing the consulting projectQ What kind of impact do you think you have had on your clients through intent marketing?
A It is the branding of the client and the actual CW Leads conversion. We secured potential customers by answering questions from customers in the artificial intelligence market, and informed the value of branding by the customer itself through this content. Also, I think it gave a big impact to the experience of actual conversion by building a CTA link at the top of the blog.

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