Effective Internal Links – Navigation

As a technique for attaching links to higher categories, an effective internal link is navigation. Simple and easy-to-understand navigation that considers usability not only improves the attraction of users visiting the site, but also leads to improved crawlability.

global navigation

Global navigation refers to navigation commonly installed Barbados Email List on all pages of the website.

Since it is common to all pages of the website, links to pages in global navigation naturally increase, and it is possible to make it clear to search engines that the link destination page is important.

Side navigation (local navigation)

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Side navigation is a navigation that is installed on the right. Or left side of the main area on a two-column website. In a one-column website, represented by a mobile site, it is installed at the top or bottom of the main area.

Side navigation usually provides leads to other pages belonging to that CW Leads category. It is also called local navigation because it is not common to the entire page.

In addition, there are cases where links to pages that you want to attract more customers to. Such as “recommended pages” and “rankings,” are installed in the side navigation. Not only does it secure it as a user’s persuasive lead, but it also contributes to a rise in search rankings. By increasing the number of links on the target page.

footer navigation
Footer navigation is a navigation that is installed at the bottom of the page. Since the navigation is located at the bottom of the page, in an inconspicuous position. It is often a guide to supplementary information pages such as the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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