Three important factors in site internal link design

Even if you properly design your content structure, users will not be able to access the information they want unless you search for links on each page according to that structure within the actual site. It’s as if only the library’s catalogs are furnished, and the books themselves are kept in an off-limits warehouse.

In addition, search engines evaluate pages in three steps: ‘website crawl’, ‘index of crawled pages’, and ‘rating by algorithm of indexed pages’ and display them in search results. Therefore, especially supporting “web site crawling”, that is, “making it easy to be crawled by Google bots” (Crawlability ) is an important point of view when thinking about SEO.

Three important factors in site internal link design

By default, Google bot crawls pages by following Belarus Email List links . Therefore, it can be said that it is difficult for Googlebot to find pages without links. Pages that aren’t crawled don’t even show up in search results, which is a catastrophic loss of opportunity.

Also, this is true not only for Googlebot, but also for the user’s web view. Users will not be able to find pages without links. A site that cannot provide users with the information they are looking for is bad for usability.

Also, if the internal link structure of the site is one-way, it becomes a ‘dead end’ page that cannot go anywhere further. Pages should be linked to each other so that all pages can be accessed by following the link from any page.

💡Always link to the top page, top category.

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Search engines also use it as a clue to the relevance of internally linked pages. In the example pictured above, the search engine recognizes Chanel’s 1883 history page. Through 2020 historical content pages as relevant pages that can be organized under the ‘the-history’ category.

By linking related content to each other, you can convey. The CW Leads meaning of the content more accurately to search engines.

Attach a link to the top page or top category to avoid hassle. When users staying on the detail page want to search for a separate product, etc.

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