Everything you need Ever heard of Core Web Vitals. Companies are increasingly concerned about what can affect their rankings and user experience. In an increasingly competitive world. It is natural and expected that they pay attention to factors that can influence how they reach their audience. Within this scenario. In this post we will talk about Core Web Vitals, a set of new Google SEO metrics. Let’s explain what they are and how they can impact rankings in this search engine. In addition, Take the opportunity to learn more about this subject that is highlighted and trending and about the Page Experience update. Which should take effect. After that,  With their target audience effectively. With a more focused focus on business and careers.

What is core web vitals?

Core Web Vitals is the designation given to the new metrics announced by Google. They are basically 3, which we will detail here so you can understand. This means that they are the new performance indicators South Korea Phone Numbers List that Google makes available. The first one is called LCP. Largest Contentful Paint, which measures the time it takes for content to be rendered, that is, to load on the page. The second is First Input Delay (FID). Which measures the response of the first thing, or rather, the first interaction that happens when a user clicks on the page. The third Core Web Vitals metric is called CLS, or Cumulative Layout Shift. And is related to the visual stability of the page.


How to improve performance

To improve your company’s performance through LCP analysis. Similarly,  You need to look at the way your website is built. When elaborated, it is usually separated by blocks, which can contain words, images or CW Leads other media. Such as videos. When we enter the site, these blocks will load and gradually appear. If this metric indicates that it is taking a long time for this to happen. It is worth looking at the size of the files. Compressing photos. The weight of information and even the layout. But without losing quality, may be necessary to work around the problem. In conclusion, The development team has to carefully analyze the metric and check what is on the site that may be causing the slowdown.

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