Find out which techniques are considered black hat

With the amount of content increasing every day in the online environment, it is natural that everyone is looking for prominence . You must have heard about SEO, Search Engine Optimization, right? SEO is a way of optimizing your content so that your site is more easily found on the internet. But have you ever heard of Black Hat SEO ? If you’ve never heard it or have doubts, it’s important to know that knowing what it represents is just as important as knowing good optimization practices . This is all to avoid punishment and fall into situations where Google may even ban you. In this post we will explain better what it is about, the difference between it and another concept called White Hat and the most used techniques.

What is black hat seo ?

So far you may not have done any assimilation. But if you remember some cartoons or movies in which it was common to see the villain using one of them, you will begin to understand that the meaning Netherlands phone numbers list of the term refers to something bad. Okay, so let’s conceptualize: Black Hat SEO means that set of optimization techniques that “play dirty”, or rather, disrespect the rules of the game, looking for some advantage in positioning . In SEO, the rules exist precisely to make it easier for people to find the content they need . More than being linked to the interest of the people who search for it, this content needs to be relevant, say something concrete and useful for them. That way, the one who creates the content gains notoriety.


Difference between black

If you understood that Black Hat means a practice that is not honest, it is easy to understand White Hat. This concept is just the opposite: it’s playing fair. Following the guidelines properly and ranking CW Leads on Google for having real quality. Guidelines require a deep understanding of what is considered good for content. These can range from proper use of keywords. Which is important but not the only factor, to length of text, use of subheadings and other elements. These correct techniques allow Google to filter out content that is actually relevant . Consequently, the best site wins in the fairest way.

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