How to use Social Signals  Brand Signals are definitely the best way to build trust around your site. What is a Brand Signal? It’s simple: every “signal” that shows Google that you have a presence on platforms-sites that it trusts If you act and look like you own a real online business, then you will be rewarded with trust, high rankings and lots of love from Google. I’ll show you how to dramatically increase trust and authority for your business website (both of which help a lot with rankings). You should figure out how to use them. Building strong Brand Signals is the first part of the ranking process

Securing your Brand

How to use Social Signals  The first step is  name on all top tier social platforms. So we will focus on initially on the most popular websites Some of them are the Norway WhatsApp Number List following: Google + YouTube Blogger Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Instagram Tumblr Pinterest WordPress in second tier properties The 10 social platforms I mentioned above are the most popular, accounts for your brand should also be created on second-tier platforms in order to be secured there as well. Since this can be extremely tedious, I recommend using a service like.

Lock My brand or KnowEm to secure these properties

Whatsapp Number List

Niche Profiles In addition to your first and second tier properties, you should also find platforms relevant to your niche. For example, if Spain Phone Number you’re a real estate agent, then you should sign up for Trulia, and if you’re a lawyer, you should sign up for Avvo. A simple Google search with terms like “(your niche keyword) + sign up or register” will give you several relevant platforms. The second part is link building, you can read it here : Tier1 SEO Link Building .

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