What they find when they access these pages

They also show the sloppiness of their owner or creator.   They find many pages with duplicate content. In fact, in many cases, the entire site consists of content of this type. This as you can imagine sets off a bunch of alarms in the “engines”, who not only see these huge amounts of duplicate content, but also don’t understand what content to rank. The worst of all is that by creating two or more weak sites instead of one strong and valid site, you are essentially breaking the authority of your site.

There are two ways to fix a Normal Site

The Canonical Tag If you want URL among all those listed in the directories, you can tell the search engines by marking the page with the  Senegal WhatsApp Number List rel=”canonical” tag: Add a <link> element with the rel=”canonical” attribute to the <head> section of these pages: <link rel=”canonical” href=” > This shows the preferred URL to access my example post. This means that search results will be more likely to present users with this URL structure. Paste URL in WebMasterTools Through Webmaster Tools you can declare the recommended version of your domain Read here how: Set Your Preferred Domain WMT Let’s look at a note from Google about Normal URLs “We encourage you to use any of these methods, however none of them are mandatory

This helps search engines position you better

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If you don’t show us a canonical URL, we’ll decide what we think is the best version or URL. ” XML Sitemap Although it is a simple and basic element it is still Brazil Whatsapp Number often overlooked. So make sure your site has an updated XML. Sitemap The sitemap.xml is used to guide search engine bots through the site and tell them what the site is about and how it is organized.  in user searches. By maintaining a good structure of your website and minimizing broken links.

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