In this section, we’ll give you some tips on how to structure and manage your products effectively with Magento. Creating categories and sub-categories In the administration interface, go to the Catalogue > Categories menu to create, modify or delete product categories. Don’t hesitate to organise your products into different sub-categories to make searching more intuitive for your customers. Adding and managing products To add a new product, go to Catalogue > Products > Add a product. When creating a new product, remember to fill in all the relevant information, such as name, price, description, images, attributes.

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Keep your catalogue up to date by regularly updating your stocks, promotions and new products to give your products visibility and Malaysia Mobile Number Database encourage visitors to return to your site. Customise the look and design of your Magento site A visually appealing site makes it easier for users to get involved and encourages them to stay longer in your online shop. Here are some tips for customising the design of your site with Adobe Commerce or Magento Open Source : Choose a suitable theme: Select a theme from those offered by Magento, or opt for a custom theme created by professional designers.

Customise colours and fonts Adapt

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the colours and fonts of the text to your visual identity to create a unique look. user experience coherent. Create banners and India WhatsApp Number List sliders : Highlight your special offers, promotions and news with banners and sliders visible on the home page of your site. Add interactive elements . Integrate elements such as videos. 360° images or customer feedback to make your site more engaging and dynamic. Technical optimisation and SEO To optimise referencing. There are a number of factors that need to be take into account. When planning the natural development of your online shop. Integrat search tool and URL friendly. Magento incorporates an internal search engine and automatically generates.

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