Agency Optimize 360 Setting up a site Adobe Magento In this article, we’re going to explore how to set up a site designed with Adobe Commerce (Magento)as well as tips and advice for optimising the operation and performance of your online shop. Please note that this article applies to both ADOBE Commerce and Magento Open Source users. Setting up an Adobe Magento site Initial steps to configure your Magento site Once you have installed Adobe Commerce or Magento Open Source on your infrastructure, it’s time to move on to the initial configuration stages.

Here are a few key points to bear in mind:

Updating basic information : Log in to your site’s administration interface, then go to the Configuration > General menu. Here you Vietnam Mobile Number List can update general information such as shop name and contact details, site url, currency and language settings, etc. Configuring payment methods : To enable transactions on your site, configure the different payment methods available to your customers. Go to Configuration > Sales > Payment methods to select and activate the desired options.

Setting shipping methods

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Just as important as the payment options, make sure you have configured the shipping costs and methods for getting your products to Hong Kong WhatsApp Number List your customers. You’ll find these options under Configuration > Sales > Shipping. Optimising safety : Securing your site and protecting customer data are vital aspects of any online shop. Remember to activate security features such as captcha, two-factor authorisation and monitoring of suspicious activity on your site. Catalogue structure and product management in Adobe Magento Creating a well-organised product catalogue is a crucial step in making your site easier to navigate and buy from.

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