Comments For an online store Together: understand to sell more, retain its customers and increase the value of the average ticket , there are several ways. One of them is to ensure that, when purchasing a certain product, others in the same segment are also . In this article, you will find out what Compre Junto is. You will understand how this technique works, as well as its advantages. Finally, we will talk about the relationship that Compre Junto has with cross-selling and upselling strategies. Are you in knowing more about this subject? Keep reading!Within an e-commerce website, Buy Together corresponds to a field on a product page. For example: if someone visits the store and isĀ  in a football boot, it is very likely that the platform will offer something like a ball, socks or some related.

Sport. Typically, if the customer chooses to purchase

Two or more products, a discount is offered. What are the advantages of Compre Junto for e-commerce? Now that you know a little more about Buy Together, check out the advantages provided by this technique. Better consumer Japan Phone Number List experience When a customer shows interest in purchasing a product, but ends up adding more items to the cart than expected, this tends to generate greater satisfaction. Even more so if he bought it at a discount. Therefore, it can be concluded that Compre Junto is a resource capable of bringing many recurring sales to an online store. Greater turnover of items in stock In addition to the consumer experience, retailers now have a greater rotation of items in their stocks. In practice, this means that the goods will not be at risk of suffering any.

Warehouse for a long time. It is also important to highlight

That Compre Junto helps to increase the average ticket, which corresponds to the total value of sales divided by the quantity of sales. Improves the relevance of internal e-commerce links Another important advantage of this technique is Cambodia Phone Number List the internal linking of the online store. In practical terms, it consists of the fact that e-commerce visitors spend a considerable amount of time browsing among the items available for purchase. The time spent on an online store page is a very important metric and needs to be constantly analyzed. Therefore, Compre Junto helps monitor this measurement related to user experience. How to use Buy Together correctly? Check.

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