The SEO challenge for e-commerce sites Through our SEO Agency Optimize 360 on the theme : duration of an SEO service When it comes to natural referencing (SEO), it is often considered that the work is more time-consuming and complex for electronic commerce (E-commerce). With a large number of products, categories and sub-categories, as well as growing competition in this sector, it is essential to put in place effective and sustainable SEO strategies. In this article, we’ll explore the challenges and issues of SEO for online shops, and how e-commerce businesses can work to improve their online visibility. redesign my site.

The specifics of SEO for e-commerce sites

E-commerce sites have specific SEO requirements that set them apart from other types of website. Here are a few of these specific features: Number of Estonia Phone Number List  pages : The E-commerce sites generally have a large number of pages, particularly because of the number of products, categories and sub-categories available. Duplicate content : It is common to find similar or even identical product descriptions provided by manufacturers on several online shops. Duplicate content is a major problem in SEO, as it reduces the value of the page in the eyes of search engines. Increased competition.

Most e-commerce markets are highly competitive

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Which makes the task of achieving a high ranking in search results more difficult. The challenges of sustainable growth for online shops. To ensure Switzerland Phone Number List sustainable growth In order to grow their online business. Many e-commerce shops have to overcome these obstacles and continually optimise their natural referencing. The main challenges they face are . Visibility: It is essential for a online shop to be visible in search results to attract new customers. Retain existing ones and generate more purchases. Traffic quality . Generating qualified traffic is essential to maximising the rate of conversion.

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