Optimising the site for SEO must also be accompanied by improvements aimed at increasing user satisfaction. A website with a good user experience will help to encourage visitors to stay on the site and make purchases…. It’s important for e-commerce professionals to constantly adapt to the latest technological developments so as not to find themselves outdated and lose effectiveness in their SEO practice. Measuring results to adjust strategies In order to optimise their natural referencing, e-commerce sites need to implement a structured and analytical approach.

This involves measuring performance and continually

Analysing performance indicators It is essential to regularly monitor changes in key performance indicators (KPIs) such as : The click-through Latvia Phone Number List rate (CTR) : This KPI measures the ratio between the number of impressions of an organic result in search pages and the number of clicks to the page in question. A low CTR may indicate that the content is not relevant or attractive to the user. Time spent on the site : It is important to study the average time spent by a user on the site, in order to understand whether it meets their expectations and whether it is likely to generate sales.

The bounce rate gives an indication

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The relevance of the page’s content in relation to the keywords on which it is positioned. A high bounce rate may indicate a problem with the quality of Taiwan Phone Number List content or site navigation. Page positioning : Tracking changes in page positions in search results helps to identify improvements. That have worked and those that still need adjustment. Adjusting natural referencing strategies By analysing performance, it will be easier to adjust SEO strategies according to needs and objectives. Here are some actions to consider: Improving internal networking . To make navigation easier for the user and reinforce the site’s authority in the eyes of the search engines. It is vital to optimise internal linking links between the site’s pages.

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