How do I carry out an SEO audit of my website

Therefore,  Everything you need to know to carry out an SEO audit of your site Through our SEO Agency Optimize 360 On the theme : Do I have good SEO ? You may have heard of an SEO audit, but what exactly is it and how to carry it out? In this article, we will review the essential steps to follow to carry out a complete SEO audit to improve the visibility of your website on search engines such as Google . SEO audit of my site What is an SEO audit and why is it necessary. An SEO audit involves assessing the current state of your website in terms of SEO. with the aim of identifying what improvements can be made.

This is a crucial process to understand

What is working well on your site. what can be optimize and most importantly what needs to be fix to improve the overall Turkey Mobile Number List performance of the site on search engines. The key steps to a successful SEO audit 1. Technical analysis Your site must be technically sound to achieve optimal SEO results. Technical analysis includes a variety of factors that can directly or indirectly influence your search engine rankings: loading speed of the : a slow site is penalize by Google and offers a bad user experience ; compatibility with mobile devices. More and more Internet users use their smartphones to consult websites.

This helps optimize the indexing of your site

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Therefore,  Keyword Analysis A good keyword strategy is essential to improve the visibility of your site in search results. It is necessary to Turkey WhatsApp Number List analyze: current keywords. Check if these are relevant to your sector and offer good potential in terms of traffic and conversions. Opportunities for new keywords. Discover which other key words could be interesting . To adjust or expand your current strategy to reach a wider audience. Keyword competition: Evaluate which keywords are the most competitive and which have the best ratio of difficulty to traffic potential.

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