Here are some aspects  Google hates duplicate content and will penalize you if you have it on your site. Check URLs with different parameters that could cause duplication and generalize the use of canonical tags if necessary; the quality of the content: once duplication problems have been resolved, make sure that your content is informative and of high quality, that is to say that it really brings something to the user; the internal networking : check the effectiveness of internal links that allow users to navigate your site. By optimizing internal networking, you improve the user experience and promote.

The indexing of your pages by search engines

Analyse des backlinks The backlinks are external links that point to your site. They represent a strong signal to search Lebanon Mobile Number Database engines and can positively influence your ranking. During the SEO audit, it is important to: check the quality of current backlinks: do not hesitate to eliminate incoming links from unreliable sites or sites not relevant to your sector of activity; compare the backlink profile with that of your competitors: this exercise can give you insight into your competitors’ strategy and inspire you to obtain new links; find new link building opportunities: collaborate with other websites in the same industry,

Share your expertise by writing articles for guest blogs

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Or engage in partnerships to increase your visibility and get more of backlinks. Monitor progress and adjust strategy After carrying UK WhatsApp Number List out an SEO audit, it is important to monitor progress on a regular basis to measure the effectiveness of the actions put in place. For example, use Google Analytics to keep an eye on key indicators such as organic traffic, bounce rates or conversions. Do not hesitate to adjust your strategy according to the results obtained in order to further improve your positioning in search engines. In summary, a well-performed SEO audit can greatly improve your chances of being visible on search engines.

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