The most critical places to insert  This means that you should know where to place your keywords for optimal organic search engine rankings. , the title, the first sentence or paragraph, the first image ALT tag, and the last sentence of the text. Apart from these points, you can also have it scattered in some header tags or throughout the text. I place them first on the critical points and after I’m done with them, I calculate the density for the rest of the text. A little advice: every time you create a blog post or a landing page, write naturally and don’t think about keyword density. First finish your text and then check if the percentages are correct. I highly recommend using the following programs to check your website:.

7 easy steps to make your site faster

Site speed is critical to your website’s SEO, crawl rate, user experience, and your site’s ranking in search engine results. Don’t neglect her. I am not a developer and Saudi Arabia WhatsApp Number List have never claimed to be. But I’m a good reader, a good learner and I take a lot of initiative, so I’ve figured out how to make my sites faster in the easiest way possible. If you are using WordPress then this will be easy.The home page is usually the most powerful page on any website and you should use its authority properly. So you should be extremely selective about the internal lnks you have on your home page and the pages they link to. If you have a technical SEO Expert, it is a good idea to assign him this job by giving him the appropriate directions.

YouTube is owned by Google,so a channel

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For your brand is one of the best and strongest brand signals. At this point, you’ve probably realized that creating strong brand signals is directly related to creating Australia Whatsapp Number content assets. Always look for opportunities to promote both your on-site and off-site assets while you should always build Reputation for them. The effort you will spend on creating brand signals will bring a layer of security and trust around your business. Obviously, there is no limit to how much content you can produce, but you should always emphasize quality over quantityThe satisfaction that an SEO Greece Expert receives through his work is definitely a feeling of fulfillment -or say it of enjoyment-, derived from his successful work in this highly specialized environment.

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