Optimize Product Descriptions

Competition is tough when you sell on a multi-vendor platform like Lazada Shopee. You can see several sellers selling the same product as you.

So how do you make your product stand out?

Through optimized product descriptions and titles. This means that you must enter the highest search volume keyword so that your product will land on the first page of Lazada or Shopee search results.

In addition, your products must be registered accurately. Online shoppers rely on your listing to learn more about products. This is your chance to convince them that they are buying what they want.

However, many traders find this time consuming

Sometimes, they simply copy the description from the supplier, which most of the time, lacks a compelling aspect to help the buyer decide.

With automation, you can rest assured Macedonia Email Lists that you can get the most out of your product titles and descriptions, and ensure that you have clean and accurate details.

Split Dragon, for example, can help you find the right keywords to use in your product listings. Just enter a keyword, and suggestions will start pouring in in seconds.

Simply fill in the most popular search terms in your title and description, and watch your product visibility and traffic grow!

Track competitors
Whether you like it or not, identifying who your competitors are and knowing what they do is critical to your business.

By understanding your competition, you will have:

Understanding their strengths and weaknesses and comparing them to your strengths and weaknesses.

This is where automation comes in

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Competitor research automation can help you identify which sellers are selling the same item or category. Plus, it would be great if the automation tool would also notify you when your competitors changed anything on their roster.

Product and supplier search

One of the struggles of Shopee and Lazada merchants is finding the most profitable products to sell and where to find them.

There are already thousands, if not millions of products already listed on Shopee and Lazada, and countless private label opportunities to consider. But to be an effective seller, you must have an innate awareness of what your customers want.

This is where you need to do a CW Leads product and supplier search . Also called market research, it plays an important role in the product development process.

Your goal here is to find out what products appeal to customers and how similar products perform in the marketplace.

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