5 Actionable Tips For Social Selling

Be patient and consistent
Social selling is not a one-way transaction. It’s not even just about selling at all! It’s about helping your prospects. It’s a slow and involved process because it’s about building mutually beneficial relationships. Maybe your target prospects may not buy anything from you, but because you earned their trust, they will refer you to the rest of their network.

So how do you organize yourself and practice social selling online

5 actionable tips for social selling
Know the relevant social selling platforms for your business
There are several social channels Colombia Email List you can use, depending on the audience you are targeting. For example, Facebook has expanded its user base across generations, while Snapchat, Tiktok and Instagram tend to appeal to a younger audience. For business connections, you can use LinkedIn as the best social channel.

By determining where your ideal customer is, you can effectively position your social selling there.

Home Buddies is a large Facebook community in the Philippines where members share their DIYs and online finds with the group.

Keep your audience interested

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Social selling is also about engaging and growing the community you are in. While browsing social media can provide you with a wealth of information

participating in or sparking a conversation allows you to get their attention and ultimately build rapport with your target market.

Also, always provide insight into your niche. If you sell skincare products, you can share skincare tips, ingredients to look out for, or even some new trends you should or shouldn’t try.

This is what social listening is all about. This CW Leads allows you to respond to conversations and is also an important part of audience research.

Through social listening, you can also monitor your competitors and know their successes and failures so you can inform your strategy.

Why Would A Customer Buy From You

Answering these questions will help you narrow down the general characteristics of your potential market — this is called market segmentation.

Large markets can be divided into smaller segments based on geographic, demographic, psychographic and behavioral characteristics.

This allows you to find out what groups they usually join, who they follow, their hobbies and interests, among other things. Know what problems they usually face and how your products and services can be the solution.

Set authority
Becoming an authority in your niche not only demonstrates your credibility and expertise, but also a certain method of making money.

Here’s how you can build authority

Share valuable content, insights and helpful tips
Be everywhere: Facebook groups, Instagram, use live streams and guest post. Remember, knowledge is power.
Support others! If you find someone with something in common, whether a great leader or small business, support their Mali Email List cause through shoutouts, tags, and sharing. It’s also a great way to connect with people.
Advocate about your niche or share goals.

Your goal is to be the “one” people turn to when they want to ask something about your respective niche.

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The Split Dragon Facebook page shares exclusive data with the audience about the keywords that are trending on the iPhone 13. This allows the audience who are Shopee sellers to get a peek at the features and benefits of owning the Split Dragon tool.

Add value to your prospects
Social selling, at its core, is about creating and building relationships. People are already being bombarded with sales and offers on a regular basis — and traditional cold calling is no longer effective.

In fact, in a recent survey conducted by Inside View

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over 90% of decision makers said they “never” respond to cold calls. Add that to a study by Baylor University where they found that the cold call success rate for an appointment was only 0.3%.[ * ]

Once you can connect with the right prospects and build your authority in your niche, engage and keep in touch with your prospects over time.

Observe the golden rule of engagement: Add CW Leads value to their conversation or newsfeed.

While you keep your brand professional, show your human side by being lighthearted and talkative. Be transparent and don’t exaggerate your product or service.

People love genuine conversations more than canned sales pitches. Just focus on solving your customer’s problem.

How To Use Social Selling Successfully On Social Media

If you’re a marketer, you’ve probably heard of social selling. If you are a Lazada or Shopee seller, and you don’t know what they are or have even heard of them, this article is for you.

No, this is not about social media marketing and definitely not social media advertising.

But social media channels are the best tool to start social selling

Social selling is making connections on social media and maintaining relationships with prospects. Done right, it will debunk traditional cold calls and messages.

In a survey conducted by LinkedIn, social sales leaders were 51% more likely to reach their quota and 78% of social sellers outsold their peers and those who didn’t use social media.

Here’s an example of a social selling scenario

Dave sells pet supplies on Shopee. While scrolling through her Facebook, she saw a post from a woman named Sheila who was a new dog owner. He asked for recommendations from the best veterinary clinics in town.
Dave has veterinary friends and connections, so he commented on Sheila’s post, recommending his friend’s clinic.
Sheila saw the comments, and checked Maldives Email List Dave’s Facebook profile, and saw that he owned a pet shop. Sheila has been wanting to shop for pet products for her new dog but had no idea where to start and what to buy.
Meanwhile, Dave also sees an opportunity and introduces Sheila to his best pet products. Since Sheila wanted to shop for her new dog, she made inquiries about dog products.
Dave then directed Sheila to his online store so she could shop at ease. He also offers free shipping vouchers.

As you can see, there is no hard sell. Dave was able to capitalize on his connections, and at the same time build trust with his prospects because he didn’t exactly say he was selling.

Yet he made the sale

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People don’t want the feeling of being sold because somehow they think a salesperson is only pushing to satisfy their interests, and ignoring the prospect’s needs.

Social selling is all about helping CW Leads and giving so you can build rapport, trust and ultimately loyalty. Social selling is the modern way of networking.

For successful social selling, remember these 4 pillars.

Simplify Your Business Processes With Automation

Split Dragon automation tool to integrate with Lazada and Shopee Flow
Split Dragon understands the importance of automation especially on competitive platforms like Lazada and Shopee.

We focus on helping sellers and brands achieve maximum conversions with the following automated tools:

Keyword Research Get the most searched

keywords in your niche based on real Lazada and Shopee data. As well as helping you rank first in search results, it can also help you write smart content because you already know which keywords to include in your title, description, and bullet points.

Marketing research
Based on Shopee and Lazada data, our market research tool allows you to easily find the best products to sell in the market.

You can also customize your search using custom filters, or simply tick the categories you want to explore.

This will save you time in researching and finding products with the highest sales and ever-increasing demand.

Autoboost Shopee
Shopee auto-boost is a store feature that allows your products to be at the top of search results. However, you can only upgrade up to 5 products every 4 hours. In addition, you need to manually upgrade each product.

But with Shopee Autoboost, all you Malawi Email List need is one click and your listings are boosted 24 hours. This means your product will have continuous exposure and you can take those views endlessly without constant check-ins.

Other Benefits Of Ecommerce Automation

Your goal here is to find out what products appeal to customers and how similar products perform in the marketplace.

If you want to do this manually, possible steps include:

List your possible products in a spreadsheet
Check the price of each product, who is the supplier, its ratings on Shopee and Lazada, prices and collect all possible information about each product.
Now that your sheet has all of the updated information, you will then be busy comparing the estimated profitability of each product – including fulfillment costs.
Lastly, is to compare: which products offer the highest profit margins, and which do not?
All in all, this process will definitely take some time, but it’s too important that you can’t rule it out.

Making the right decision is always an advantage for your business. However, if you’re already busy

why not automate it

Automating market or product searches can help you speed up the process of combing through hundreds of products. It helps you choose the most profitable goods with the least amount of investment.

Most importantly, it saves you time. And time is money.

Other benefits of eCommerce automation:
Make your business customer-centric
Automation allows you to focus Macedonia Email List more on your customers. And no, it’s not just about offering a great product or a great customer service center. Being a customer-centric business lives and breathes the customer experience until they become part of the customer’s everyday life.

And one way to become a customer-centric business is to adapt to technology such as using automation.

The best example is when merchants can provide personalized responses to each customer review. Since you’ve taken on repetitive tasks from your employees, they now have time to find ways to increase customer retention and provide exceptional customer service.

Consistent and accurate

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One of the great things that computers and AI can do is that they can be precise, consistent, and accurate.

With automation, you just have to set it up how you want it and the software will take care of it. Compared to doing everything manually, you no longer need to constantly keep track just to make sure CW Leads there’s no human error.

Access to valuable business information
Automation also gives you access to valuable business data at the right time. eCommerce is an industry that is constantly changing and evolving and having intelligence and insight will help you make the right decisions as you adapt to change.


Optimize Product Descriptions

Competition is tough when you sell on a multi-vendor platform like Lazada Shopee. You can see several sellers selling the same product as you.

So how do you make your product stand out?

Through optimized product descriptions and titles. This means that you must enter the highest search volume keyword so that your product will land on the first page of Lazada or Shopee search results.

In addition, your products must be registered accurately. Online shoppers rely on your listing to learn more about products. This is your chance to convince them that they are buying what they want.

However, many traders find this time consuming

Sometimes, they simply copy the description from the supplier, which most of the time, lacks a compelling aspect to help the buyer decide.

With automation, you can rest assured Macedonia Email Lists that you can get the most out of your product titles and descriptions, and ensure that you have clean and accurate details.

Split Dragon, for example, can help you find the right keywords to use in your product listings. Just enter a keyword, and suggestions will start pouring in in seconds.

Simply fill in the most popular search terms in your title and description, and watch your product visibility and traffic grow!

Track competitors
Whether you like it or not, identifying who your competitors are and knowing what they do is critical to your business.

By understanding your competition, you will have:

Understanding their strengths and weaknesses and comparing them to your strengths and weaknesses.

This is where automation comes in

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Competitor research automation can help you identify which sellers are selling the same item or category. Plus, it would be great if the automation tool would also notify you when your competitors changed anything on their roster.

Product and supplier search

One of the struggles of Shopee and Lazada merchants is finding the most profitable products to sell and where to find them.

There are already thousands, if not millions of products already listed on Shopee and Lazada, and countless private label opportunities to consider. But to be an effective seller, you must have an innate awareness of what your customers want.

This is where you need to do a CW Leads product and supplier search . Also called market research, it plays an important role in the product development process.

Your goal here is to find out what products appeal to customers and how similar products perform in the marketplace.

Take Your Shopee And Lazada Sales To The Next

Have you ever imagined yourself getting busy due to increasing order volume, adding new products to your store, or joining a new venture?

Fun is not it? This means your business is growing.

And as a Lazada and Shopee seller, your biggest job is to take your business to the next level.

However, there will be a lot of work involved. From marketing to delivery, improving the customer experience and everything in between.

These are important tasks that at first seem doable and not a waste of time. But once you add it all up, it takes a toll on your business processes and productivity.

And when productivity issues are left unaddressed, they can create a significant impact on your customer satisfaction.

What is eCommerce Automation

Simplify your business processes with automation
What is eCommerce Automation?
ECommerce automation, in Macau Email Lists its broadest sense, is the use of technology or software to perform various operations for you instead of requiring someone (or yourself) to do them. Now that most businesses are moving towards digital commerce, there are already a number of automation software to use, including Split Dragon.

eCommerce automation is best for basic, repetitive and dangerous tasks that need to be completed on a regular basis.

Take a look at these advantages of automation and see which ones apply to your business:

Eliminate manual data entry

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Data entry takes a lot of time and effort. But did you know that nearly 60% of workers estimate they could save six hours or more a week if their repetitive work was automated?[ * ]

That’s the equivalent of an entire working day.

Plus, manual entry is prone to human error – the kind of risk you don’t want to take on your growing business.

In a case study by Sapio , most order returns and order errors were caused by two main factors:

Human Error – This includes incorrect product selection, purchase entry, shipping information, and account data entry;
Incorrect information displayed CW Leads online – This includes incorrect product views, inventory, associated products and prices.
With automation, you can avoid mistakes, plus you can free up employees’ work so they can focus more on other important tasks.