By entering the URL of your site, you will obtain The main organic competitors, classified by level of competition The keywords on which these competitors are positioned Changes in search engine traffic for each competitor over time. b. Ahrefs The Ahrefs platform also offers useful tools for detecting your semantic competitors. By entering your site address in the ‘Site Explorer’ tab, you can access a range of relevant data, such as : The level of competition between sites for each keyword Competitors’ pages that generate the most organic traffic The backlinks (inbound links) that contribute to the referencing of competitor sites.

Their ‘Link Explorer’ tool is particularly useful for obtaining

information about the links pointing to your competitors’ pages. 3. Examine search results manually Although the tool mentioned Iran Mobile Number List above are very useful for finding your semantic competitors, it is also advisable to carry out a manual analysis of the search results. This gives you a more concrete idea of how other sites’ content is present to web users. To do this, type a keyword into Google that is relevant to your business and look at the first few pages of results.

meta-descriptions and URL of the sites that appear in first position

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These elements will offer an insight into the writing and structuring practices used by your competitors to stand out from the Vietnam WhatsApp Number List crowd. SERPs (search engine result pages). 4. Analyse the content of competitor sites In addition to the technical and SEO aspects. We must not overlook the importance of the content itself in determining who your real semantic competitors are. The quality, length and relevance of texts publish by other players on a given theme are all factors to be take into account if you want to position yourself effectively in your SEO strategy. Feel free to explore their sites in depth and study them carefully. Topics covered Choosing keywords and integrating them into content Frequency of publications.

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