Successful integrated SEO that shakes with advertising campaigns and picks up with owned media content

There are still quite a few people who understand SEO as a marketing mix that replaces or complements search advertising. These people often say things like “We also did SEO while building the site”. Or “We put the SEO tag on it”.

Marketing should not be viewed as a sales campaign conducted only during a certain period of time. But as an operating system for communication activities across triple media throughout the year. There are probably quite a few people who agree with this opinion.

Initial Exploration Stage

From this point of view, SEO can be seen as a strategic marketing Czechia Email List mix layer. In charge of the external distribution of content provided by the company’s media in connection with the overall ATL/BTL/digital marketing mix .

Most of the marketing mixes we commonly use have their own purpose to change the various mind states (persuade the prospect) of prospects on a long customer journey.

In the digital first era, ATL/BTL/digital marketing mixes aim to induce brands to have direct contact with consumers through multiple channels within their operating media.


PR and PR activities

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Through PR and promotion activities, which are representative marketing mixes in the initial discovery stage, companies promote their brands or products to consumers who have not yet started their purchase journey. The media used for this include blog post-type articles, news and press articles, and press releases. SEO optimization must be applied to web contents distributed in this way. It should also make your PR and promotional content easy to find for prospective customers who want to search for relevant keywords.

2. Search advertising campaigns
Search advertising campaigns at this stage are bidding on non-branded CW Leads keywords. The key at this stage is to conduct bidding based on transactional or commercial non-branded keywords that show strong purchase intent among non-branded keywords. Even if people who see these ads don’t immediately go to search, these search ads confirm the product brand. Preparing for future searches based on your product brand keywords is key to your SEO strategy at this stage.

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