Self-Employed Marketing Strategy | Free Digital Marketing Methods to Find by Intent Keywords

We listened to the marketing concerns of small business owners, thought about how to devise a marketing strategy with a small budget, identified keywords with intentions, and thought about strategies for free marketing by suggesting answers to potential customers with content.

What to do? Small business marketing strategy – small brand

Self-employed people who have just opened an offline store before  Cambodia Email List opening will naturally fall into one common concern. Right away, “How should I do marketing?” It would be a worry. You will be in a lot of trouble, such as how to inform potential customers in our area that our store is open, how to bring them in, how to spend marketing dollars, and so on. Targeting this concern, agencies indiscriminately propose and execute paid advertisements, constantly running out of money and running advertisements that do not help sales, and sometimes only building up distrust in paid advertisements.

Changes in store search patterns – from flyers to searches

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How should we start to promote our store locally and even nationally? In the past, store entrances filled with balloons and people wearing headsets dancing to loud music handed out flyers to promote the store. These traditional methods of publicity are becoming increasingly rare. It is no longer difficult to find flyers scattered on the street or at the entrance of an apartment building. It’s because it’s hard to see the effect compared to the cost invested right away. This is because the pattern of potential customers visiting the store has changed.

Potential customers are now coming to the store with clear intentions CW Leads  and searching for what they want. Find information through location search results or review contents that come out through search. They compare reviews and compare with competitors.