Cro case: 75% more conversion for the nature

The CRO or CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) tactic uses data analysis and execution of an A/B Testing program in order to optimize Conversion Rates. In this article I will detail the case study, or rather, the CRO Case that we conquered and developed for the online store in the supplements and vitamins segment, Nature Center. “The CRO work carried out by Alaska Marketing Digital was fundamental for our resumption of conversion. All the management done by Guilherme and his team helped us in 6 months, to go from a conversion rate of 0.71% to 1.23%, that is, a 75% increase . Something crucial to help further the growth of the Nature Center!” Arthur Hickson, Owner and Administrator of Nature Center Are you ready to find out how we conquered these numbers and still be able to draw some inspirations to replicate in your business.

What is cro

The acronym CRO stands for Conversion Rate Optimization, literally translated as Conversion Rate Optimization . Being a tactic based on the scientific method , it is applied to optimize Conversion Denmark Cell Phone Number List Rates, which may be marketing or sales. The method consists of analyzing data and extracting hypotheses for improvements that will later be validated through A/B Testing programs , that is, scientific experiments based on comparative analysis and the use of statistics. The AIDA Model An example of copywriting is the AIDA model that outlines the four stages a stages of user awareness. ab copywriting test Example of persuasion optimization (copy) to increase sales.


The nature center

Nature Center is an online store (ecommerce) in the supplements and vitamins segment. Where they work with resale and also with their own brand. They came to us through a referral. And within the first few seconds of conversation it was clear that they needed our CRO work. They CW Leads invest in Paid Traffic (ADs) and have a good track record of data and traction, but have never looked in depth at the UX/UI of their online store design. With expectations aligned. We set up our CRO Squad and started the work that would result in a satisfactory success story. That way you will be respecting.