16 marketing content and content silos

The original function of marketing content is to connect products and potential customers (readers) through content. Good content has a strong connection, and bad content does not show that power. Where does the power of this connection come from?

Is it the charm of the content itself?

Or does it come from something that lives up to the expectations El-Salvador Email List of the reader? Of course, both are important stories, but the essential thing should be seen as the latter.

There are two main things that potential customers expect from your content. One is the topic the content contains, and the other is the format the content takes. In the meantime, we have always talked about content topics while talking about search intentions, so today I would like to talk about the format of content. In fact, the format of the content should also include the type of content, creative, and media that carries the content, but this time I’m going to focus only on the type of content.

16 Representative Types of Marketing Content

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Generally, there are about 16 types of content that we can think of when we say marketing content.

Planning marketing content should include both determining the main topic of the content and determining the type of content. If you want to write good content of any type, the topics that can meet the expectations of the person who reads the content must be covered well, and the type of content that can effectively deliver the topic must be well selected.

Various types of content were introduced above, but if you want to CW Leads drastically increase your customers’ organic traffic, you should pay attention to the type of content that can contain non-branded generic keywords.

Why is this being said? In general, if the brand is not the No. 1 brand in a specific product field. The search volume for non-brand keywords that search for products. Or brands without specifying the brand or product is higher than the search volume for brand keywords. There are many cases.

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