All sizes and formats of banners for google ads

Does your company need to improve the sales performance of a product or do you want to give more visibility and reach new customers. Here we list all sizes and formats of banners for google ads for you to win more customers. Google ADs ad campaigns can be excellent alternatives for achieving these goals. But for that you need to know a little more about this tool and the existing details. And they are many! That’s why we’ve prepared this article where we’re going to detail all types of ads, available channels and banner sizes and formats for Google ADs, so you don’t make a mistake when creating your campaign. Enjoy this complete guide. and that’s why it works! PAS Framework PAS is the acronym for Problem, Agitation and Solution.

What is google ads

Generally speaking, Google ADs is Google’s online advertising platform. In 2018, it was renamed just Google ADs . In short, the idea is simply to make it possible to create ads and analyze the data and results — across all Google services and also on the sites that partner with the Brazil Mobile Number List company. For example: if your website sells rustic tables, it is possible to create an ad so that your company appears among the first results in the search for “rustic tables” on Google. Someone who researched your product or service, when entering a Google partner site, will also see the ad.


Types of ads from google ads

When someone performs a search on Google, the first and last results that appear on the page are ads related to the searched keywords. It’s what we call Google Search Ads. This type of ad is identified and CW Leads very suitable for companies that sell specific solutions to people’s problems — that is, all of them! The person searches for information and receives the announcement of the product or service disclosed. banner sizes and formats for google. This format is usually the one with the highest direct ROI (it all depends on the volume of searches for a particular keyword related to your solution). Another advantage of this ad is the possibility of paying only for the click on the ad that will direct the visitor to the given site.

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