Tiktok ads panorama brasil

Tik Tok is the social network that has been rapidly gaining users, with an engaged audience of 80 million Brazilians and a diverse age group. This data makes the ad platform, TikTok ADs, a logical choice for performance marketing strategies . The Tik Tok ADs interface is very similar to that of Meta ADs, with support for pixels, machine-learning (smart bidding) , dynamic catalog and advanced segmentations. But before getting into the technical issues, let’s understand the panorama of the TikTok ADs media platform in Brazil. Model The AIDA model Basically, AIDA is a model that respects the Stage of Consciousness framework.

Tiktok: panorama in brazil

The main feature of Tik Tok users is the high engagement when comparing the platform with other social networks. According to data from App Annie. In Brazil TikTok is used on average Canada Mobile Number List for 1 hour and 35 minutes daily. Being the social app with the most screen time, followed by YouTube with 1 hour and 14 minutes per day. See that Instagram (its main competitor) has a screen time of 47 minutes per day. TikTok ADs Panorama Brasil Data from App Annie, Feb 22 It is difficult to compete in terms of engagement with Tik Tok, and in terms of paid media this can mean a high CTR, CPL and ROI. Screening Of The Public In Brazil If you think that Tik Tok’s audience is “only young people”, you are wrong.


Tik tok ads: features

With TikTok ADs you can act throughout your sales strategy funnel . It is possible to create AWARENESS campaigns (to present your brand/product), CONSIDERATION campaigns (to build a consumer experience or influence ruler with content) and CONVERSION campaigns (focused on CW Leads action, focused on performance). The platform has its own Pixel and conversions API to help measure and guide machine learning. In this way, it is possible to generate online sales or actions , such as lead generation, shopping carts, etc. - with the support of smart bidding . Segmentations Just like the main paid traffic tools, on TikTok ADs you can also segment your audience.

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