Comparison and intent analysis by brand of rain boots identified by Hubble

These days, when the rain is pouring down, the word rainy season seems to fit better than the word rainy season. I think a lot of people are wondering what clothes to wear and what shoes to wear in this weather. Shoes for the rainy season, shoes for work on a rainy day are a concern? As expected, rain boots are the most practical when it rains. Using Listening Mind Hubble, we will find out what kind of intention customers have regarding rain boots.

Comparison of Search Volume by Rain Boots Brand

Let’s look first at the search volume related to rain Wallis and Futuna Islands Email List boots. The keywords that accounted for the most search volume after rain boots were keywords by brand. If you look at the image below, you can see that ‘Hunter Rain Boots’, ‘Rockfish Rain Boots’, ‘Moonstar Rain Boots’, and ‘Barber Rain Boots’ are in the highest order. In particular, in the case of hunter and rockfish, the annual search volume is over 1 million, so it can be said that it is a keyword with a very high search volume. It seems to be a fashion item with strong brand power, as there are more cases of searching with the brand name than simply searching for ‘rain boots’.

Listening Mind Hubble’s top keywords when searching for ‘rain boots’ and ‘boots’
Other brands such as Paper Plane and Crocs were also found on the list above. Then, what about the search volume for Chanel and Celine, the two major mountain ranges in the world of luxury rain boots? ‘Chanel Rain Boots’ and ‘Celine Rain Boots’ had annual searches of 131,360 and 86,330, respectively (see image below).

Listening Mind Hubble

Country Email List

‘Chanel Rain Boots’ vs. Comparison of search volume for ‘Celine rain boots’
Analysis of customer intent hidden in search data
What intent do customers search for when they search for ‘rain boots’? The first may be the intent to get comparisons or recommendations for rain boot brands. It can be said that it is a step to explore which brands exist. Also, if you decide to buy, you may want to get tips on sizing through reviews when you have concerns about sizing.

Another interesting intention found in Listening Mind Hubble was CW Leads to search for ‘Puss in Boots’. It seems to be an interesting case that there is a customer’s intention to find and consume content information related to boots as well as rain boots as a product.

Listening Mind Hubble ‘rain boots’, ‘boots’ related topics extraction
In addition, the search volume for ‘men’s rain boots’ was 192,490, confirming that there is a need for rain boots not only among women but also among men. Although not on the list, other keywords related to ‘kids rain boots’ were also identified.

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