Concerns about Ilzaler – Characteristics and skills of Ilzaler (feat. Listening Mind Hubble, CLOVA X)

Ilzaler is a newly coined word (although it is embarrassing to call it a neologism at this point) that means ‘a person who does a good job’. Now, it is a word that is not awkwardly used in everyday life, but if you check the Naver Data Lab, you can see that the search volume for this word has been steadily appearing since about January 2019.

Source: Naver Data Lab

But why search for Ilzaler? Whether you like it or not, it would Algeria Email Lists be better to be praised for doing well than to be scolded for not doing well, and it would be better to keep the work-life balance by completing the work efficiently.

Let’s look at this further with search data.

In Listening Mind Hubble, I first entered three keywords: ‘work well,’ ‘people who work well,’ and ‘people who can’t work.’ The total annual search volume was in the order of good work (40,820) > characteristics of people who work well (25,960) > people who do not work (21,940) > people who work well (21,870) > characteristics of people who do not work (12,750). If you look at the search trend, you can see that searches are steadily occurring without significant rises or falls.

Search path confirmed by Pathfinder

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Because Pathfinder shows the search path for that keyword, you can see different types of keywords. The images above show the pathways to the characteristics of people who work well and people who don’t work, respectively.

Among the two keywords, keywords such as ‘characteristic of a CW Leads  person. With no work head’, ‘characteristic of a person. With a work head’, ‘characteristic of a person with a good head’, ‘characteristic of a person who handles work quickly’. Employee who is very good at work’, and ‘ace who is good at work’ are seen in common. It means that when we discuss whether we are good at work. Or not, we can use keywords such as work head and work process.


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