Concerns about the report – report format and writing method (feat. Listening Mind Hubble, CLOVA X)

Office workers cannot avoid creating documents, such as ‘meeting minutes’ to organize contents after a meeting, ‘report’ to report work status or results, and ‘e-mail’ to communicate with internal and external customers.

Source: Kyobo Book Center

So, it is only natural that books emphasizing the importance of Andorra Email Lists writing. Such as <Those who work well write well>, are published and sold.

Of course, just because you can’t avoid writing documents doesn’t mean you’ll be good at writing them. Then we would all be masters of document writing. There were many times when I also experienced difficulties in writing documents, and even now there are times when I feel burdened thinking, ‘Is it right to write this way?’

Search data about documents
So, what keywords are people searching for on documents?

In Listening Mind Hubble, I first searched for ‘document creation’.

10 related keywords identified by Hubble

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(Search term: Create document / Sort: Total annual search volume in descending order)
When you check the related keywords of ‘document writing’, you can divide the search patterns into two major categories.

Method: keywords asking how to write a document, such as ‘how to create a document’, ‘how to create a document’, ‘basic document creation’, etc.
Tool: A keyword that asks which tool (program) you use, such as ‘document creation program’, ‘Excel document creation’, ‘iPad document creation’, ‘Word document creation’, etc.
Next, I searched for documents by entering several types of keywords to find out which documents were searched for most.

10 related keywords identified by Hubble
(Search terms: draft, plan, plan, report, proposal, protocol, meeting minutes / Sort: descending order of total annual search volume)

Topics confirmed by Hubble
And if you look at the topics extracted from related keywords, you can see that they are looking for templates or writing methods that help create various documents, such as forms, examples, and writing methods .

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